Assist In Basketball 

Last Updated on: 6th July 2023, 10:35 pm

What Is An Assist In Basketball?

An assist in basketball is a statistic recorded when a player passes the ball to a teammate on the same team who then scores a basket. The pass must lead directly to the score, meaning that the scorer cannot take more than two dribbles after receiving the pass. Only one assist can be awarded per field goal, and the pass must be the last one before the score.

The definition of an assist is slightly different in the NBA, WNBA, and NCAA, but the basic concept is the same. In the NBA and WNBA, the pass must lead directly to a basket, while in the NCAA, there is some room for interpretation by the statistician.

Assists are an important statistic in basketball and are one of the five main statistical categories, along with points, rebounds, steals, and blocks. The ability to create scoring opportunities for teammates is a highly valued skill in basketball, and players who excel at passing and playmaking are often among the league leaders in assists.