Back Screen Basketball 

Last Updated on: 8th July 2023, 07:32 pm

What Is Back Screen Offense In Basketball?

In basketball, a back screen is a type of screen where an offensive player sets a pick on a defender who is behind them, allowing a teammate to cut towards the basket or receive a pass with more space and less defensive pressure.

The player setting the back screen typically positions themselves between the defender and the basket, forcing the defender to either fight through the screen or switch with another defender.

Back screens can be effective in creating scoring opportunities, especially when used in combination with other offensive strategies such as pick-and-rolls or dribble penetration.

Additionally, back screens can be used to create mismatches, as a smaller player may be able to screen a larger defender, allowing a taller teammate to receive the ball in a better position.

Back Screen Basketball Plays

There are several effective back screen basketball plays that teams can use to create scoring opportunities. Here are a few examples:

  1. Backdoor Cut“: In this play, the offensive player who is being screened fakes as if they are going to cut towards the ball, but instead cuts backdoor towards the basket. The screener then rolls towards the basket, creating space for the cutter to receive a pass and score an easy layup.
  2. Double Screen“: In this play, two offensive players set back screens on the same defender. The player with the ball then dribbles towards the screens, forcing the defender to choose which screen to fight through. The offensive player who is not being screened then cuts towards the basket, receiving a pass for a scoring opportunity.
  3. Flare Screen“: In this play, the screener sets a back screen on a defender, but instead of rolling towards the basket, they “flare” out towards the three-point line. The offensive player who was being screened then cuts towards the basket, while another teammate moves towards the top of the key to receive a pass for a three-point shot.

These are just a few examples of the many back screen basketball plays that teams can use to create scoring opportunities. The key to success is to execute the play with precision and timing, and to have players who are willing to set and use screens effectively.