Baseline In Basketball

Last Updated on: 8th July 2023, 06:16 pm

Where Is the Baseline In Basketball?

In basketball, a baseline refers to the boundary line that runs parallel to the end line and is located at the back of the court. The baseline is also known as the end line or back line.

The baseline is an important part of the court as it marks the boundary for out-of-bounds plays, such as when a player steps out of bounds or when the ball goes out of bounds. It is also used to determine whether a shot attempt is a two-point or three-point shot, as shots made from behind the three-point line, which is located 23 feet 9 inches from the center of the basket, are worth three points, while shots made from inside the three-point line are worth two points.

In addition, the baseline is used as a reference point for defensive positioning, as defenders often try to force offensive players towards the baseline to limit their options and make it more difficult for them to score. On offense, players may use the baseline to their advantage by driving towards it to create space or by using it as a pivot point to change direction and evade defenders.