Basketball Lane

Last Updated on: 8th July 2023, 07:09 pm

The basketball lane, also known as the key or the paint, is a rectangular area on the basketball court that is located in front of each basket. The dimensions of a basketball lane is 16 feet wide and 19 feet long, and it is painted in a distinctive color to distinguish it from the rest of the court. The lane is bordered by two parallel lines that extend from the baseline to the free throw line, and by two other lines that connect these lines at the free throw line, creating a trapezoidal shape.

The lane is an important area of the court because it is where many of the game’s most physical plays occur, such as rebounding, blocking, and charging. Offensive players are not allowed to remain in the lane for more than three seconds at a time, while defensive players are not allowed to stand in the lane for more than three seconds unless they are actively guarding an opponent.

The lane also contains the free throw line, which is located 15 feet from the backboard and is used for free throws. The restricted area, which is a semi-circle located underneath the basket, is also part of the lane and is used to determine whether a defensive player is in position to draw a charge. Overall, the basketball lane is a crucial part of the game and plays a significant role in determining the outcome of many games.