Basketball Squaring Up

Last Updated on: 19th September 2023, 12:10 am

In basketball, “squaring up” refers to the act of positioning oneself in front of an opponent with both feet facing them, in order to defend against their offensive moves or to prepare for an offensive move of one’s own.

When a player squares up on defense, they are typically trying to maintain a low center of gravity and keep their body between their opponent and the basket. This allows them to react quickly to their opponent’s movements and make it more difficult for them to get past.

On offense, squaring up can be used to create space between the defender and the ball handler, allowing for a clearer shot or a better passing angle. It can also be used to fake out the defender and create an opportunity to drive to the basket.

Overall, squaring up is an important fundamental skill in basketball that can help players both on offense and defense.