Basketball Stride Stop

Last Updated on: 19th September 2023, 12:25 am

The basketball stride stop is a fundamental move that allows players to come to a quick stop while maintaining their balance and positioning on the court. Here are the steps to perform a basketball stride stop:

  1. Start by dribbling the ball with your dominant hand while moving toward the basket.
  2. Take a long stride with your non-dominant foot, planting it firmly on the ground.
  3. As you plant your foot, simultaneously bring your dominant foot forward and plant it next to your non-dominant foot.
  4. As you plant your feet, stop dribbling the ball and bring it to your chest with both hands to protect it from defenders.
  5. Keep your knees bent and your weight balanced over both feet to maintain balance and position on the court.

The basketball stride stop is effective when you need to quickly change direction or come to a sudden stop while dribbling the ball. It allows you to maintain your balance and position on the court, making passing, shooting, or driving to the basket easier. With practice, you can master this move and use it to improve your overall basketball skills.