Between the Legs Dribble In Basketball

Last Updated on: 19th September 2023, 12:15 am

The “between the legs” dribble is a basketball move where the player bounces the ball between their legs while dribbling. This move can be used to change direction quickly and evade defenders. It requires good hand-eye coordination and ball control.

To perform the between the legs dribble, the player starts by dribbling the ball with one hand. They then step forward with the opposite foot and bounce the ball between their legs, catching it with the other hand. The player can then continue dribbling with the other hand or switch back to the original hand.

This move is often used by point guards and other ball handlers to create space and get past defenders. It can also be used as a setup for other moves, such as a crossover or a spin move.

Like any basketball move, the between the legs dribble takes practice to master. Players should start by practicing the move slowly and gradually increase their speed and intensity. It’s also important to keep the head up and maintain good body control while dribbling. With enough practice, the between the legs dribble can become a valuable weapon in a player’s arsenal.