BounceKit Review: Is It A Top Jump Program?

An honest BounceKit Review

Dunking is a skill that players at every level want to achieve; this skill makes the crowd go crazy….

There is nothing like slamming the ball through the rim like Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

The barrier that most athletes run into is that they can not seem to increase their vertical significantly.

These players look towards vertical jump programs to become a dunker, and unfortunately, most of the jump programs in the game are bad.

That is why you should read this BounceKit review and save yourself time and money before investing in a program that is not worth the investment of time, money, and effort.

I know that it is hard to believe because you see the amazing dunks that Jordan kilganon can throw down.


Keep reading, and I will show you why I do not recommend this program and which programs I recommend to get you jumping out of the gym.

Jordan Kilganon The Creator of BounceKit

Bounce Kit Review
Jordan kilganon Elite Dunker

Jordan kilganon is the creator of this 12-week-long vertical training program…

Jordan has a massive reputation behind him, from dunking in jeans to throwing down amazing dunks in the NBA all-star game.

Even the NBA players were amazed, mostly because they know half of the dunks that kilganon throws down they can not do themselves.

Jordan kilganon height sits at 6’1 with an astonishing vertical jump of 49.5” inches which is among the highest in the NBA.

There is no doubt that Jordan kilganon has a dunk reputation behind him…

Especially because of his signature dunk the scorpion…

But he does not have a trainer certification like Adam Folker, the creator of Vert Shock…

Or even the training reputation of Jacob Hiller, the creator of the Jump Manual.

This being said, everyone can agree that Jordan can jump out the gym, he even surprised Gary Payton while dunking in jeans, you can watch that clip here.

If you do not know who Jordan Kilganon is, watch the video below of his best dunks….

A Peek Inside Bouncekit

When you first open up the dashboard, you can tell the program is very organized….

Once open you are presented with a short video from Jordan himself describing what to expect out of the 12-week workout program…

Let me tell you that this speech was not very inspiring at all, and I expected more coming from an elite dunker known all around the world.

When going to the “before starting page,” you are given some basic knowledge about jumping and training.

This knowledge includes basic training habits, landing softly, and correct breathing.

This is okay for beginners that have done any training at all, but for anyone who steps foot in a gym, this content is pretty useless.

While this section does contain a “Notes” section, it is basically to get you familiar with the program.

The notes section contains a basic overview of the terms used in the program and how to get the most out of the jump program.

There is a “program” section that contains three downloadable PDFs of the program, each of which is 4-weeks.

Something I do like about this program is the training section, this is where you will find the exercise videos for each workout.

These videos are categorized, which makes them very easy to navigate.

Lastly, there is a bonus section, which me calling it that is a stretch.

There are 8 eight bonuses, really tips on how to jump higher, but a lot of them are common knowledge, or you can find them by doing a quick google search.

Jordan kilganon is recognized as one of the best dunkers in the world, which makes this section disappointing because Jordan really could have shared some insight on some important vertical jumping knowledge.

When comparing these bonuses to all the bonuses you get with Vert Shock, there is no competition, Vert Shock is loaded with bonuses, while BounceKit falls short.

BounceKit Workouts

BounceKit is broken down into three phases, just like many other vertical training programs.

These three phases take 4-weeks to complete each and require for 4-6 days to work out.

In these 4-6 days, the vertical training program focuses on plyometrics, strength exercises, power training, and core training.

It is great to see that there is core training because many jump programs neglect this aspect of jump training…

But BounceKit falls short of delivering on the plyometrics training…

Plyometric training is crucial in increasing one vertical significantly.

Recovery and off days are not a big concern with this program as it is with other programs like Vert Shock and Jump Manual.

Vert Shock and Jump Manual give you recovery stretches and exercises for you to complete on your off days to get maximum results…

While BounceKit does not.

Now let’s take a closer look at the three different phases of BounceKit…

BounceKit Phase One

There is where I have a significant problem with BounceKit…

The first 4-weeks of the program are focused on heavyweight training; therefore, a gym is needed.

Most programs that have a three-phase approach, the first phase is a warm-up phase to get your body ready…

But BounceKit throws you right in with heavy strength training, this can increase the risk of injury also.

The first phase is split up into three different workout groups…

  • Upper Body and Core
  • Jumping and Core
  • Heavy Legs

The reps are pretty standard for this type of training, staying within the 5-6 rep range for maximum strength.

You will not see considerable gains in this stage…

Explosive training is where you will see most of your gains.

You may lose motivation in this stage; vertical programs like Vert Shock focus on plyometrics, meaning you see results starting the first week.

VertShock Banner 2

BounceKit Phase Two

In this phase, you will switch gears and start explosive training…

This is the phase in which you will see the most gains.

Heavy leg workouts will be replaced by moderate-to-heavy leg workouts.

Here you will reduce the weight you are lifting to 60-70% of your 1 rep max.

Jumping exercises in this phase are increased significantly, making this phase more focused on plyometrics.

Letting you build explosive power and quickness, which are qualities of any good jumper.

BounceKit Phase Three

In the final phase of the BounceKit training program, it tries to focus on plyometrics, but it falls short…

While you will reduce the weight to 50% of your max 1 rep and increase the reps.

There is still a major focus on strength training.

Training happens 4 days per week, and for the rest of the three days, there is not much direction.

It is proven that true plyometrics can increase your vertical, but BounceKit focuses on strength training more than anything.

Explosiveness development by plyometrics brings better and faster results than strength training…

VertShock Banner 3

BounceKit Pros

All Vertical jump programs have pros and cons…

unfortunately, this particular program has more cons than pros….

1. Video Quality Is Excellent

One of the best things I can say about this program is that the video quality is better than most vertical training programs in the game.

A lot of programs are made with low-quality videos or fail to update the quality after they have been launched, but BounceKit is in a league of its own when it comes to video quality.

Unfortunately, this does not correlate with the material that is in the jump program.

2. Clear Exercise Instruction Videos

With the exercises, Jordan does a great job of demonstrating them…

Making them easy to follow even for the most inexperienced weight lifter.

Pay close attention and you should do all the exercises right.

3. Facebook Group

Along with the program, you will receive access to the FaceBook group…

This is a great place to connect with other like-minded people, all looking to increase their verticals.

Here you can ask questions and receive answers, which can be helpful to make up for the jump program’s shortcomings.

4. Covers All Bases

When I say covers all bases, I mean that this program contains exercises for the upper body, lower body, and core.

There is a good range of exercises for each of these muscle groups…

This program does a great job mixing strength and plyometrics exercises throughout the jump program.

Especially the core because that is a critical part of jumping that a lot of athletes neglect to train.

BounceKit Cons

This vertical training program falls short on more than one crucial issue for a vertical jump training program.

Let’s take a closer look at what these shortcomings are…

1. Focused On Strength Training Too Much

Here is where I have one of the biggest problems when it comes to the BounceKit jump program.

Vertical training needs to have a focus on plyometrics to build up speed and explosiveness…

An athlete can do strength training once their progress stops from plyometric training.

That is why BasketballMentality rated Vert Shock the number one vertical training program in the game because it focuses on explosiveness instead of strength training to get results.

2. No Jumping Technique Guidance

This may be a weird con, but having the proper jumping form can improve your vertical by 2” to 6” inches alone.

You can do all the strength training and plyometrics in the world, but if you do not have the correct technique, you will no reach your full jumping potential.

The top jump programs like Vert Shock and Jump Manual both have a section in their training dedicated to mastering jumping form.

If you want, you can check out our compassion of the two training.

3. Requires a Gym

This can be a barrier to a lot of people trying to increase their vertical….

You must have access to the gym because this training relays heavily on weight training.

This is another reason why Vert Shock is preferred a weight room is not needed for the jump program, meaning you can do the training anywhere.

Access to a weight room can be expensive, and you are not able to do the workouts at home unless you have the correct equipment.

4. Limited Credibility

There is no doubt that Jordan kilganon is one of the best dunkers in the world…

But that does not mean he is actually an excellent trainer.

Beyond his ability to dunk, there is no certification or other credibility.

Unlike Vert Shock, whose creator is Adam Folker, has a Professional Strength and Conditioning Certification.

The lack of certification may be why BounceKit lacks in so many areas that jump training should have.

5. No-Diet Plan

Food is fuel for your body…

After a hard workout, you will need to recharge and recover.

Diet is a massive part of vertical jump training that most athletes neglect because they do not know about it or what the right diet is.

Being an elite dunker, Jordan should have known that this needs to be in the program….

Other programs like Vert Shock and Jump Manual come with a diet plan so you can achieve the best results

6. Does Not Work For In-Season Training

Since BounceKit is heavy on strength training and the weight room, you will be too drained to practice or play games…

Because of this, it is not recommended to do while in season.

If you try to complete this training while in the season you are increasing your risk for injury.

BounceKit and Jump Manual share this problem, but if you want a program that you can do in-season…

Check out Vert Shock, the number one jump training program; it has an intermittent training schedule that allows you to plan your workouts around practice and game times.

And because it does not require weights, you will have the energy to practice and play games while reaping more vertical jumping benefits than any other program…

Just take a look at my results.

7. Missing Post-Work Out Stretches

Stretching is an essential part of vertical training…

Every great dunker knows this because it is essential for recovery and allowing your muscles to stay flexible to reduce the risk for injury.

BounceKit does mention that you should stretch after workouts and during rest days, but…

It does not give any specific stretches that the athlete should focus on.

Post-workout stretching can not be overlooked because it is just as essential as the workout itself.

8. Price Is Not Justified

BounceKit is priced at $77 USD…

This is steep for what you get, and when compared to a program like Vert Shock, that is thousand times more effective and cheaper.

BounceKit is just the bare-bones of what a vertical jump program should be at a premium price….

There is nothing that stands out about the program other than the creator.

9. Incomplete Training

BounceKit leaves out multiple aspects of what a jump training program should have….

Such as post-work-out training, post-work-out stretching, diet plan, and jump technique training.

Programs like Vert Shock and Jump Manual offer these things, and that is why these two are at the top of vertical jump training’s, and BounceKit is not.

Meaning that most athletes that aspire to dunk like the pros will be let down with this jump training program.

10. Missing Post-program Workout

When achieving gains in your vertical, you do not want to lose them…

Having a program to maintain your gains is essential for any elite vertical training program.

BounceKit is missing this essential extra…

Vert Shock comes with a program that you can do once you finish the training, so you do not lose any gains in your vertical.

11. Poor Bonus Gift

BounceKit gives very poor bonus content, and the only bonus content that I say it provides is the eight tips on how to jump higher…

These tips are very simple and can find them any were on the internet, making this jump program very bare.

Other programs like Vert Shock give $330 worth of free bonuses, and this bonus content actually has major value.

Even Jump Manual has some bonus content that includes coaching and a diet plan.

BounceKit Review Summary: Worth The Investment?

Jordan kilganon vertical training program, BounceKit, costs a total of $77 USD…

This is way too steep for what the jump program brings to the table…

Although BounceKit delivers sharp quality videos and excellent demonstrations, the program feels like a shell of a jump program than a fully finished one.

The program has very little to offer, and the best part of the vertical training program is Jordan kilganon promoting it.

I can not recommend this program to anyone looking to increase their vertical.

There are a few programs that I would recommend that have proven results, and you get more than what you pay for with them…

Let me show you what these programs are and what a vertical training program should be…

BounceKit Alternatives

1. Vert Shock

The first program that I would recommend is our #1 recommended vertical training program, and that is Vert Shock

If you haven’t checked out the full review and my personal results of the program yet, you can do that here.

Vert Shock was created by Adam Folker, a certified trainer, and professional basketball player…

He even had help from one of the best dunkers in the world, Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington.

Justin holds the title of highest dunker in the world, with a 50.1” inch vertical it is not hard to see why he got this title.

Vert Shock focuses on plyometrics, so therefore no weight room is needed to complete the program…

While Vert Shock comes with a total of 12 bonuses, which will easily get you to add 9-15 inches to your vertical as the jump program promises you.

All at the price of $67 USD, which is cheaper than BounceKit with 10 times the value.

2. Jump Manual

Jump Manual is our second choice of vertical training program…

This program gets results, but it is for athletes that rather focus on weight training than plyometrics.

Jump Manual was created by Jacob Hiller, who is also a certified trainer and has coached basketball players of all levels in over 65+ countries.

This jump program focuses on weight training; therefore, access to a weight room is necessary…

Keep in mind when working out with weights, your risk for injury is increased.

Jump Manual has a good amount of bonus content of its own, like a diet plan and coaching.

For a vertical training program to be an elite one, it must contain a diet plan; this is to get maximum results.

The price of the Jump Manual is $97 USD, it is more expensive than BounceKit, but you are guaranteed results.

If you want to see a detailed review of the Jump Manual, you can click here.



BounceKit is created by Jordan kilganon but it is far from what you expect from an elite dunker. You may gain a few inches with his program but you will not become a high flyer like kilganon. You are better off with another jump program like Vert Shock.


BounceKit lacks a lot of aspects of a top-rated vertical training program. BounceKit makes you feel like you got the bare bones of a jump training program, leaving you dissatisfied without results.


BounceKit is too expensive for what you receive. There are two jump programs that blow BounceKit off the court. These programs are Vert Shock and Jump Manual. With these two vertical training programs, you get your money’s worth, while with BounceKit you will be wondering why you bought it.


Jordan kilganon vertical sits at 49.5″ inches. This puts him in the same company as the highest leapers in the game. Unfortunately his Jump training program BounceKit will not get you close to achieving this type of vertical.