Double Dribble In Basketball

Last Updated on: 3rd August 2023, 11:12 pm

Double dribble is a violation in basketball that occurs when a player dribbles the ball with both hands simultaneously or picks up the dribble and then dribbles again before passing, shooting, or releasing the ball. This violation results in a turnover, and the opposing team gains possession of the ball.

The double dribble rule is in place to ensure that players do not gain an unfair advantage by carrying or palming the ball, which can make it easier to dribble and control the ball. By enforcing this rule, the game remains fair and competitive, and players are encouraged to develop their ball-handling skills within the rules of the game.

It’s important to note that players can switch hands while dribbling if they do not hold or carry the ball. Additionally, suppose a player accidentally touches the ball with both hands while dribbling. In that case, it is not considered a double dribble violation as long as they immediately release the ball or pass it to a teammate.

Overall, double dribble is an important rule in basketball that helps maintain fairness and competitiveness.

How To Avoid Double Dribble In Basketball

Avoiding double dribble in basketball is essential to maintain possession of the ball and avoid turnovers. Here are some tips to help you avoid double dribble:

  1. Practice proper ball-handling techniques: Developing good ball-handling skills is important to avoid double dribble. Practice dribbling one hand at a time, keeping your other hand away from the ball.
  2. Keep your eyes up: When dribbling, keep your eyes up and focused on the court. This will help you see your teammates and avoid dribbling into defenders, which can lead to double dribble.
  3. Avoid carrying or palming the ball: Carrying or palming the ball is a violation that can lead to double dribble. Keep your hand on top of the ball and use your fingertips to control it.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings: Pay attention to the defenders around you and be aware of where your teammates are on the court. This will help you avoid dribbling into traffic and making mistakes that can lead to double dribble.
  5. Practice passing: Passing the ball is a great way to avoid double dribble. Look for open teammates and pass the ball quickly to keep the defense off balance.

By following these tips and practicing your ball-handling skills, you can avoid double dribble and become a more effective player.