How To Shoot A Basketball (Make It Everytime!)

Last Updated on: 19th September 2023, 12:30 am

How To Shoot a basketball

Did you know the average professional basketball player makes around 44% of their three-point shots?

If you want to improve your shooting skills and make every shot count, this article is for you!

In just five simple steps, we will guide you through the proper basketball shooting form and provide valuable tips to enhance your shooting technique.

Get ready to step up your game and become a scoring machine on the court!

Proper Basketball Shooting Form

The key to proper basketball shooting form is keeping your elbow tucked in and your wrist relaxed. This ensures a stable base and can generate the necessary power for an accurate shot.

To achieve this, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees for balance. Hold the ball with your shooting hand, fingers spread comfortably, and place it on your palm. Your non-shooting hand should be placed alongside the ball for support.

As you prepare to shoot, raise the ball toward your forehead while keeping your elbow directly under it. This position allows for a smooth release as you extend your arm and flick your wrist forward.

Practicing these proper shooting techniques through various basketball shooting drills will help improve consistency and accuracy in making shots.

5 Steps To Shooting A Basketball

When shooting a basketball, there are several key points to focus on.

First, your stance should be balanced with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent.

Next, you need to properly grip the ball with your dominant hand placed on the side and your non-dominant hand supporting from underneath.

Finally, alignment is crucial – ensure your elbow is tucked in and pointed toward the basket and your eyes are focused on the rim.

Remember these fundamentals to improve your shooting accuracy!

1. Stance

Start with a wide stance to improve your balance while shooting a basketball. Your stance is crucial for maintaining stability and control during your shot. Begin by placing your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly ahead of the other. Bend your knees slightly and keep them aligned with your toes. This will help you generate power from your legs and transfer it into your shot.

Try incorporating shooting drills into your practice routine to develop proper shooting form further. These drills can help reinforce the correct stance and focus on other aspects of your shot technique, such as the guide hand and follow-through.

Remember that a good stance is not only important for jump shots but also for free throws. You will become a more confident and consistent shooter on the court by consistently practicing and refining your shooting stance.

2. Grip And Hand Placement

For better control and accuracy, it’s important to have a proper grip and hand placement when shooting a basketball. Here are three key tips to help you improve your grip and hand placement:

  1. Grip the ball with your fingertips: When holding the basketball, use your fingertips rather than the palm of your hand. This allows for better control and feel of the ball.
  2. Position your hand correctly: Place your shooting hand behind the ball, with your fingers spread comfortably apart. Your non-shooting hand should be on the side of the ball for support.
  3. Point your fingers towards the target: As you prepare to shoot, ensure your fingers are pointing towards the basket. This helps create a straighter shot trajectory and increases accuracy.

By focusing on these aspects of grip and hand placement, you can improve your shooting form and increase your chances of making every shot count.

Keep practicing diligently to perfect this fundamental aspect of shooting!

3. Alignment

To improve your shooting accuracy, it’s essential to align your body properly with the hoop. Alignment is crucial because it allows you to maintain balance and generate maximum power in your shot.

Start by positioning your feet shoulder-width apart and pointing them towards the basket. This will help you maintain stability throughout the shooting motion.

Next, align your shooting hand with the middle of the basketball, ensuring that your wrist is flexed and ready to release the ball. Your non-shooting hand should be placed on the side of the basketball for support and guidance.

As you shoot, focus on keeping your body square to the target and utilizing proper footwork to create a fluid motion. Remember, alignment is key to making every shot count in basketball.

4 Release

Now that you have aligned your body correctly, let’s move on to the next crucial step in shooting a basketball: the release.

The release is when you let go of the ball and send it towards the basket. It determines whether your shot will be successful or not.

Here are three key things to keep in mind about the release:

  1. Smooth motion: As you shoot, focus on fluid and smooth motion from start to finish. Avoid jerky or rushed movements that can throw off your accuracy.
  2. Follow-through: After releasing the ball, extend your shooting arm fully towards the basket, with your wrist snapping downward. This follow-through helps create a consistent shot trajectory.
  3. Finger control: Use your fingertips to guide and control the ball during release. Avoid using too much palm or excessive force, which can affect your shot’s accuracy.

5. Follow-through

After releasing the ball, remember to fully extend your shooting arm towards the basket with a downward wrist snap. This is called the follow-through, which is crucial for making shots in basketball.

The follow-through ensures your shot has the proper trajectory and spin, increasing your scoring chances. As you shoot, imagine a straight line from your fingertips to the rim, and make sure your shooting arm stays on that path during and after release.

Your wrist should also be relaxed but firm as you snap it downward, adding extra power to your shot. Remember to hold this position until the ball reaches the basket.

More Basketball Shooting Tips

Here’s a tip to help you improve your basketball shooting skills even more! Shooting is a crucial aspect of the game; with these additional tips, you can score more baskets effortlessly.

  1. Utilize the corner: Position yourself slightly behind the three-point line when shooting from the corner. This will give you a better angle and increase your chances of sinking those long-range shots.
  2. Focus on your follow-through: After releasing the ball, extend your shooting hand towards the basket and hold it steady until the ball reaches its target. This ensures proper alignment and improves accuracy.
  3. Practice free throws: Free throws are essential for beginners as they build muscle memory and consistency in your shot. Spend time practicing from the free-throw line to develop a smooth and reliable throwing motion.


In conclusion, mastering the art of shooting a basketball requires practice and dedication. By following the proper shooting form and implementing the five essential steps, you can significantly improve your accuracy on the court.

However, did you know that only 43% of NBA players make more than half of their shots? This staggering statistic highlights the incredible skill required to sink baskets consistently.

So keep practicing, stay focused, and let your hard work pay off in every shot you take!