Incidental Contact Basketball 

Last Updated on: 3rd August 2023, 11:02 pm

Incidental contact in basketball refers to physical contact between players that is not intentional. It is common in the game and can happen when players are jostling for position, going for a rebound, or trying to get past a defender.

While incidental contact is allowed in basketball, certain types of contact are considered fouls. For example, pushing, tripping, or hitting an opponent with your arm or elbow are all considered fouls and can penalize a player with a personal foul.

Players need to understand the difference between incidental contact and fouls and be aware of their body positioning and movements to avoid unnecessary contact. Coaches can also help by teaching proper techniques and emphasizing the importance of playing within the game’s rules.

Overall, incidental contact is a natural part of basketball and can add to the physicality and excitement of the game as long as it is kept within the bounds of fair play and sportsmanship.