L-Cut Basketball

Last Updated on: 10th July 2023, 06:09 pm

In basketball, an “L” cut is a type of cut made by an offensive player to change direction and create separation from their defender. The “L” cut is named for the shape of the path the player takes, which resembles the letter L.

To perform an “L” cut, the offensive player starts by moving in one direction, then plants their outside foot and pivots to face the basket. They then take a few quick steps in the opposite direction, creating space between themselves and their defender. This type of cut is often used to get open for a pass or to create a driving lane to the basket.

The “L” cut is just one of many types of cuts and movements used in basketball to create scoring opportunities. Other common cuts include the V-cut, backdoor cut, and curl cut. By mastering these different cuts and movements, offensive players can become more effective at getting open and creating scoring chances for themselves and their teammates.

“L” Cut Basketball Drills

If you’re looking to improve your “L” cut in basketball, there are several drills you can do to work on your footwork, agility, and overall technique. Here are a few examples:

  1. Cone Drill: Set up a series of cones in a straight line, with each cone about 5-10 feet apart. Start at one end and “L” cut around each cone, making sure to pivot on your outside foot and take quick, explosive steps in the opposite direction. Repeat the drill several times, trying to go as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  2. Partner Drill: Find a partner and stand facing each other about 10 feet apart. One person starts with the ball and makes an “L” cut around their partner, then receives a pass and shoots. The other person then takes a turn. This drill helps simulate game-like situations and improves your ability to get open for a shot.
  3. Chair Drill: Set up a chair or cone at the top of the key. Start at the wing and make an “L” cut around the chair, then receive a pass and shoot. Repeat the drill several times, moving to different spots on the court and using different types of cuts.
  4. Full-Court Drill: Start at one end of the court and make a series of “L” cuts as you move up the court, trying to get open for a pass from a teammate. Once you receive the pass, take a shot or make a move to the basket. This drill helps improve your conditioning, footwork, and ability to read the defense.

By incorporating these drills into your basketball training routine, you can improve your “L” cut and become a more effective offensive player. Remember to focus on proper technique, quick footwork, and explosive movements to get the most out of each drill.