Rocker Step In Basketball 

Last Updated on: 8th July 2023, 07:17 pm

The rocker step is a basketball move used by offensive players to create space and get past defenders. It involves a quick shift of the player’s weight from one foot to the other, followed by a change of direction and a burst of speed in the new direction.

To perform a rocker step, the offensive player starts with the ball and takes a step forward with one foot, while simultaneously faking a shot or pass. The defender will often react to the fake, shifting their weight to one side or jumping to block the shot. At this point, the offensive player quickly shifts their weight back to the original foot and then forward again to the other foot, using the defender’s momentum to create space and drive past them.

The rocker step is a useful move for players who are looking to create scoring opportunities or get past defenders in one-on-one situations. It requires good footwork, quick reflexes, and the ability to read the defender’s movements and react quickly. With practice, the rocker step can become a valuable tool in a player’s offensive arsenal.