Why Did Ja Morant Go To Murray State?

Last Updated on: 19th September 2023, 05:14 pm

why did ja morant go to murray state

In the vast realm of college basketball, where elite players are often drawn to prestigious programs with rich histories and national championships, it may seem perplexing for a rising star like Ja Morant to choose Murray State University as his collegiate destination.

However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that Morant’s decision was strategic and calculated, driven by several key factors that ultimately shaped his path towards professional success.

This article delves into the reasons behind Morant’s choice to attend Murray State, exploring the appeal of playing time and skill showcase, the development and experience gained at the university, Murray State’s track record of success, the potential for team triumphs and tournament runs, as well as how this decision contributed to elevating Morant’s player profile.

The Appeal of Playing Time and Skill Showcase

The decision to attend Murray State University was influenced by the appeal of obtaining significant playing time and a platform to showcase his skills.

For Ja Morant, exposure opportunities were crucial in his journey toward a professional basketball career. By choosing Murray State, he knew he would have more visibility and recognition, potentially attracting the attention of scouts and coaches from larger programs.

Additionally, attending a smaller school allowed Morant to focus on his individual growth as a player. He could refine his skills and develop new ones without being overshadowed by more experienced or highly recruited players. The university provided him with a showcase platform to demonstrate his abilities against formidable opponents within the Ohio Valley Conference. This level of competition further fueled Morant’s motivation and drive to excel on the court.

Moreover, choosing Murray State presented leadership opportunities for Morant as well. As one of the standout talents on the team, he had the chance to take charge both on and off the court, honing his leadership skills while setting an example for his teammates.

Ultimately, all these factors combined made Murray State an attractive destination for Ja Morant in pursuit of achieving his basketball dreams.

Development and Experience at Murray State

While at Murray State, Ja Morant benefited from an environment that fostered his development as a basketball player and provided him with valuable experience.

The college experience played a crucial role in shaping Morant’s skills and preparing him for the professional level.

Firstly, the coaching staff at Murray State played an instrumental role in his player development. With their expertise and guidance, Morant was able to refine his skills, improve his decision-making on the court, and develop a better understanding of the game.

Secondly, the basketball program at Murray State offered him ample opportunities to showcase his abilities against tough competition. This exposure allowed Morant to gain valuable experience and learn how to perform under pressure.

Moreover, campus life also contributed to Morant’s growth as a player. Being part of a close-knit community allowed him to form strong relationships with teammates and build chemistry on and off the court.

Lastly, the overall basketball program at Murray State had a reputation for producing successful players who went on to have successful careers in professional basketball. This legacy motivated Morant to excel and strive for greatness during his time there.

Overall, player development initiatives, college experiences, support from the coaching staff, campus life interactions, and being part of a prestigious basketball program at Murray State significantly contributed to Ja Morant’s growth as a basketball player before transitioning into the NBA stage.

These factors helped him improve his skills on the court and shaped him into a mature and well-rounded individual, ready to face the challenges of professional basketball and make a significant impact in the NBA.

Murray State’s Track Record of Success

Murray State’s unrivaled history of success in developing basketball talent has become the stuff of legends, with a track record that boasts an impressive lineage of athletes who have gone on to achieve extraordinary feats in their professional careers.

The university has consistently produced NBA prospects, attracting talented players nationwide through its strong college recruitment efforts.

Additionally, Murray State competes in the Ohio Valley Conference, providing high competition and exposure for its athletes.

The coaching staff at Murray State is known for their expertise and dedication to player development, providing guidance and mentorship to help players reach their full potential.

Moreover, the university offers academic programs that support student-athletes education, ensuring they receive a well-rounded experience both on and off the court.

With such a successful track record and comprehensive support system, it is no wonder why Ja Morant chose Murray State as his college destination.

Potential for Team Success and Tournament Runs

With its strong basketball program and talented roster, Murray State has the potential to make deep tournament runs and achieve team success on a national level.

This potential is due to several factors contributing to the team’s overall performance.

Firstly, Murray State has successfully produced NBA draft prospects, such as Ja Morant, who was drafted second overall in the 2019 NBA Draft. This track record of developing professional-level talent attracts top recruits who aspire to follow in Morant’s footsteps.

Secondly, team chemistry plays a crucial role in their success. The players’ ability to work together cohesively on and off the court enhances their performance and increases their chances of winning games.

Additionally, coaching influence is significant at Murray State. The coaches’ expertise and guidance shape individual players and contribute to building a strong team dynamic.

Lastly, conference competition provides opportunities for growth and improvement. Competing against other talented teams within their conference pushes Murray State to elevate its game and strive for excellence continuously.

These factors combined give Murray State an edge in achieving team success and making notable tournament runs.

Elevating Morant’s Player Profile

One significant aspect to consider is the impact on Morant’s player profile as he continues to elevate his game. As one of the top NBA draft prospects, Morant’s decision to attend Murray State has allowed him to showcase his talents and improve his chances of being noticed by professional scouts. Playing time, coaching staff, and team success potential may have influenced his college recruitment process.

At Murray State, Morant has had the opportunity to develop and refine his playing style, characterized by explosive athleticism, court vision, and playmaking ability. This has propelled him into the national spotlight and brought attention to Murray State’s basketball program.

Morant’s accomplishments and contributions have undoubtedly left a lasting legacy at Murray State, establishing him as one of the program’s most notable players in recent years.


In conclusion, Ja Morant’s decision to attend Murray State was a strategic move that allowed him to maximize his playing time and showcase his skills. By choosing a smaller school with less competition for minutes on the court, Morant had the opportunity to develop as a player and gain invaluable experience.

Additionally, Murray State’s track record of success in individual and team accomplishments further solidified his choice.

Furthermore, Morant recognized the potential for team success at Murray State, ultimately elevating his player profile. The school’s history of making tournament runs and the possibility of advancing deep into postseason play undoubtedly appealed to Morant’s competitive nature. This platform allowed him to shine on a national stage and catch the attention of NBA scouts.

Overall, Ja Morant’s decision to attend Murray State was calculated and served him well in terms of playing time, skill development, and exposure. Through this strategic move, he was able to carve out a path toward professional basketball while also contributing to the success of his team.

As he continues to make waves in the NBA with his exceptional talent and athleticism, it is clear that attending Murray State was a pivotal step in shaping Morant into the player he is today.