Anthony Black Vertical Jump, Wingspan, Height, Reach

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 10:43 pm

Are you ready to discover the incredible physical abilities that set Anthony Black apart on the basketball court?

Get ready to be amazed as we delve into his vertical jump, wingspan, height, and reach.

Standing tall at 6-7 (201 cm) and weighing 198 lbs (89 kg), Black’s presence is undeniable.

But it’s not just his height that’s impressive.

Anthony Black vertical jump

His explosive vertical jump, long wingspan, and reach give him an advantage over his opponents.

Join us as we explore the factors behind Black’s success on the court.

How Tall? What Is Anthony Black’s Height?

Anthony Black’s height stands at 6’7″ (201 cm) tall.

What Is Anthony Black’s Vertical Jump?

Anthony Black’s vertical jump is 39 inches.

What Is Anthony Black’s Vertical Reach?

Anthony Black’s vertical reach is 8′ 6.5″.

What Is Anthony Black’s Wingspan?

Anthony Black’s wingspan measures 6 feet 11 inches (211 cm).

How Black’s Vertical Jump Impacted His Game and Legacy

Your vertical jump has had a significant impact on your game and legacy.

Anthony Black’s athleticism and vertical jump ability have been instrumental in his success on the basketball court. His impressive leaping ability allows him to soar above defenders and easily finish at the rim. This has greatly enhanced his scoring ability, as he can effectively navigate tight spaces and convert difficult shots.

When comparing Anthony Black’s vertical jump to other NBA players, he stands out as one of the elite leapers in the league. His vertical reach is crucial in basketball, as it helps him contest shots, disrupt passing lanes, and secure rebounds. Additionally, his wingspan further enhances his defensive prowess by allowing him to guard multiple positions and disrupt opponents’ shots effectively.


In conclusion, Anthony Black’s physical attributes and athletic abilities contribute greatly to his success on the basketball court.

Standing at an impressive height of 6-7 and possessing a vertical jump that showcases his explosiveness, Black has a remarkable presence on the court.

Additionally, his wingspan and reach give him an advantage in grabbing rebounds and defending against opponents.

One interesting statistic is that Black’s vertical jump measures an impressive 38 inches, highlighting his ability to soar above his opponents.