Alternating Possession Rule In Basketball

The alternating possession rule in basketball is a method of putting the ball into play via an inbounds pass rather than a jump ball. It is determined by utilizing a possession arrow and is usually only used in non-professional basketball leagues. The team obtaining control from the jump ball establishes the alternating-possession procedure, and the arrow … Read more

What Is Cherry Picking In Basketball?

cherry picking basketball

Picture this: the basketball court is alive with energy as players sprint up and down the court, their sneakers squeaking against the polished hardwood. Amidst this fast-paced action, a lone player stands near the opponent’s basket, waiting patiently for an opportunity to strike. This player is engaging in what is known as cherry-picking in basketball … Read more

The Impact Of Hand Checking On Basketball

basketball hand check

Basketball is a game that has evolved over the years, both in terms of its rules and playing style. One such evolution has been the impact of hand checking on basketball. Hand checking is a defensive technique players use to slow down or stop their opponents by placing their hands on them. As simple as … Read more