Top 10 Best Dunkers Of All Time

Dunking is a skill that can electrify the game tempo and the fans. Every player who plays and plays the game of basketball knows how powerful the slam dunk is. Even the spectators who watch basketball know the power of the dunk and what it can bring to the game. Player Name Signature Dunk Height … Read more

How To Dunk A Basketball For Beginners

How To Dunk A Basketball: The Ultimate Guide So, you want to learn how to dunk a basketball. Maybe it is because you want to impress your friends. Or you could want to add a skill to your skill set or go over the fundamentals even though you already know how. Regardless of why you … Read more

Dunk Calculator – Can I Dunk? What Vertical Do I Need?

dunk calculator

Every basketball player dreams of being able to dunk the ball. It’s a symbol of athleticism, power, and skill that can make any player feel like they belong on the court. But for many players, dunking seems like an impossible feat. They struggle with their vertical jump and have no idea how close they are … Read more