What’s up, guys?About Basketball Mentality

Welcome to my Basketball blog!

You may be asking yourself what is Basketball Mentality.

This mentality is what set the losers from the winners, the successful form the failures.

Having this mentality is part of the blueprint that makes a person successful and dominant.

Look at all the greats Kobe, LeBron, Jordan. All known by one name, the legends, the chosen ones. All of them had Basketball Mentality!

Example of Basketball Mentality are…

  • Staying up late to study the game
  • Waking up early to work on your game
  • Getting to the gym when you don’t feel like it
  • Quitting when everyone else wants to
  • Being the first in the gym and last to leave.

If you want to dunk like Jordan or Kobe or have the handles like kyrie or curry you need the Basketball Mentality

In this blog I want to bring you the best tips, tricks and programs to make you the most dominate player on the court.

My name is Daniel , I live in the sunny state of Florida, and I been playing basketball since I can remember. I played varsity all through high school and continued to play in college.

As I got older, basketball changed my life and I am at a point where I want to share this life-changing game with everyone. That is why I decided to make this blog. I want to share this information to improve player’s game at every level from beginner to professional. Within this blog, you will find the best gear, workout tips and workout routines/Programs to follow. Maybe even will run into some interesting stories along the way.

I love basketball; I love playing the game. Now I made it my mission to help anyone I can using the power of the internet. I want this blog to be a place where you can get information about everything about basketball to improve your skill and achieve your goal; this blog can serve as a type of coach for you.

If your dream is to shatter the backboard like Shaq or jump over a 7-footer like Vince Carter, maybe have handles like kyrie or Damian Lillard even if you want to shoot like James Harden and Stephen Curry. You will find something in this blog to help you reach that dream.

I am always open to content ideas, or if you want me to do a review on a particular product, please contact me at daniel@basketballmentality.com I will typically respond within 72 hours.