How Long is a Middle School Basketball Game? A Complete Guide

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Parents and fans often wonder “how long is a middle school basketball game?”. The answer, however, is not straightforward. How Long is a Middle School Basketball Game? Generally, middle school basketball games last between 45-75 minutes, including halftime, time between quarters, timeouts, and stoppage due to fouls. However, some leagues may have games that last … Read more

Basketball Articles For Middle School Students

basketball articles for middle school students

Basketball, a dynamic and thrilling sport, has captured people’s hearts worldwide. Its fast-paced action, impressive skills, and valuable life lessons make it an ideal choice for middle school students. In this collection of articles, titled “Basketball Articles for Middle School Students,” we aim to inspire and inform young athletes and basketball enthusiasts. Covering a range … Read more

How Tall Is A Middle School Basketball Hoop?

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Are you curious about the height of a middle school basketball hoop? Understanding this crucial aspect of the game is essential for young players to develop their skills and enjoy the sport. While the standard height for high school and middle school hoops is 10 feet or 3 meters, there are specific recommendations for younger … Read more

What Size Basketball For Middle School?

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Are you a middle school basketball player looking to find the right size basketball for your age and gender? It’s important to use the appropriate size ball to ensure optimal playing experience and skill development. This article aims to provide clarity on what size basketball is suitable for middle school players, taking into consideration age … Read more

21 Basketball Drills For Middle School (Easy, Fun & More!)

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Are you a middle school basketball coach looking for new drills to keep your team engaged and improving? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of 21 basketball drills for middle school players. These drills are easy to implement, fun to participate in, and will help your players develop their skills on both offense … Read more