21 Basketball Drills For Middle School (Easy, Fun & More!)

Last Updated on: 13th October 2023, 12:24 am

basketball drills for middle school

Are you a middle school basketball coach looking for new drills to keep your team engaged and improving? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of 21 basketball drills for middle school players.

These drills are easy to implement, fun to participate in, and will help your players develop their skills on both offense and defense.

Whether you’re a seasoned coach or just starting, these 21 basketball drills for middle school will take your team’s skills to the next level. So gather your players, grab your basketballs, and prepare to have fun while improving as a team. Let’s dive into these drills and watch your team excel on the court!

Easy Drills And Plays

If you’re looking for some easy and fun basketball drills for middle school, here are three options to try out:

  • Star Passing: Players form a star shape and pass the ball around in a specific pattern.
  • Around the World: A shooting drill where players move from one spot to another, trying to make shots from each position.
  • Dribble Relay Race: Teams compete against each other by dribbling the ball down the court as fast as possible.

These drills are enjoyable and help improve passing skills, shooting accuracy, and dribbling speed.

Star Passing

Try incorporating the exciting and engaging Star Passing drill into your basketball training routine to enhance your passing skills. This passing drill is perfect for middle school basketball players looking to improve their accuracy and speed when passing the ball.

The Star Passing drill requires two players, one in the center and one at each point of a star shape.

To begin this practice drill, have the player in the center start with the ball. They’ll pass it to one of the players at a point of the star shape, who’ll then quickly pass it to another player at a different point. This continues until all players have received and passed the ball once.

Each player needs to focus on making crisp and accurate passes while also being aware of their positioning on the court.

The Star Passing drill improves passing skills and helps with communication and teamwork among players. It challenges athletes to make quick decisions and develop their hand-eye coordination.

By regularly practicing this drill during basketball training sessions, middle school players can greatly enhance their overall passing abilities. So grab a teammate or two, set up that star shape, and get ready to take your passing skills to new heights!

Around the World

You’ll love the exciting and challenging Around the World passing drill! This basketball drill is perfect for middle school players looking to improve their passing skills while having fun. The drill involves a player moving around a designated area and passing the ball to different spots on the court, following a specific pattern. It helps players develop their accuracy and timing and enhances their footwork and agility.

To set up the Around the World passing drill, you’ll need four cones or markers placed in a square formation on the court. Each cone represents a different spot where players will pass the ball. Start by standing at one of the cones with a basketball in your hands. Pass the ball to yourself, ensuring it reaches each cone before returning to you. Move clockwise around the square, passing to each cone in order (as shown in the table below). Repeat this process several times, gradually increasing your speed as you become more comfortable with the drill.

Cone 1Cone 2Cone 3Cone 4

Remember to use proper technique when executing your passes during this drill. Use both hands to make accurate chest or bounce passes depending on which cone you aim for. As you progress, challenge yourself by incorporating more advanced passes such as overhead passes or wrap-around passes. The more you practice this drill, the better your passing skills will become, making you an asset on any team!

Around the World is an easy and fun basketball drill that middle school players can enjoy while improving their passing abilities. By following a specific pattern and utilizing various types of passes, athletes can enhance their accuracy, footwork, and agility. So grab a basketball, set up the cones, and practice this exciting drill to take your passing skills to the next level!

Dribble Relay Race

Prepare to sprint and dribble like lightning in the exhilarating Dribble Relay Race! This basketball drill is perfect for middle school players looking to improve their dribbling skills while having a blast. The Dribble Relay Race is not only easy to set up, but it also provides a fun and competitive atmosphere for players.

To begin the drill, divide your team into equal groups of four or five players. Each group will need one basketball. Set up cones or markers on either side of the court, about 10-15 feet apart.

The goal of the Dribble Relay Race is for each player to dribble from one end of the court to the other and back as fast as possible while maintaining control of the ball.

The first player in each group starts by dribbling down to the cone on their side and back. Once they return, they pass the ball off to their teammate, who repeats the same process. This continues until all players in each group have completed their turn. The team that finishes first wins!

This fast-paced drill not only helps improve dribbling skills but it also enhances speed and agility on the court. Encourage your players to stay low while dribbling and use quick bursts of speed during transitions. Remind them to keep their eyes up and maintain control of the ball.

So gather your teammates, lace up your sneakers, and prepare for an exciting Dribble Relay Race game! It’s a great way to work on your dribbling skills while having fun with your friends.

Fun Drills

Are you looking for fun drills to spice up your basketball practice? Try incorporating Dribble Tag, Knockout, and Basketball Simon Says into your training sessions.

In Dribble Tag, players work on their dribbling skills to avoid being tagged by the defender.

Knockout is a fast-paced game that focuses on shooting accuracy and speed.

Lastly, Basketball Simon Says adds an element of fun and challenge as players have to follow instructions given by the coach while dribbling or shooting.

These drills are enjoyable and help improve various aspects of the game.

Dribble Tag

Try playing a game of Dribble Tag with your friends and see who can keep their dribble the longest! This fun drill is a great way to improve your dribbling skills, but it also helps you improve your agility and quickness.

To start the game, choose one person to be ‘it’ and have them try to tag the other players by touching their basketball. The catch is that the players must constantly dribble the ball while being chased to stay safe. The player tagged becomes the new ‘it’, and the game continues.

Dribble Tag is an excellent practice drill for middle school basketball players because it combines skill development with a competitive element. Players are forced to focus on their ball control and develop quick reflexes by constantly having to dribble under pressure. It’s a great way to simulate real-game situations where defenders try to steal the ball from you.

Incorporating this drill into your practice plans will help improve your ball-handling skills and enhance your ability to protect the ball from opponents during games. So gather your friends, grab a basketball, and prepare for some intense Dribble Tag action!


Now that you’ve had a blast with Dribble Tag, let’s move on to another exciting basketball drill for middle school players: Knockout.

This fast-paced game helps improve your dribbling and shooting skills and adds an element of competition and pressure to simulate real-game situations.

In Knockout, the goal is to be the last player standing by knocking out opponents’ chances of making a basket. Here’s how it works:

  • The coach or one of the players starts the game by shooting from anywhere on the court.
  • After taking their shot, they quickly grab their rebound and pass it to the next person in line.
  • The next player in line must shoot before the first shooter makes their basket.
  • If a player makes a basket before the person ahead of them, they knock that person out of the game.
  • Players who are knocked out must step aside and wait until only one remains.

This drill tests your ability to shoot under pressure and encourages quick decision-making and strategic thinking. It’s like playing a mini-version of college basketball where every shot counts!

So get ready for some intense competition, and don’t forget to focus on your layup drill beforehand to improve your chances of success.

Basketball Simon Says

During Basketball Simon Says, players must follow the instructions given by the coach or leader to improve their skills in a fun and engaging way. This drill is a great way for middle school basketball players to improve their listening skills, agility, and coordination.

The rules are simple: the coach or leader will give commands starting with ‘Simon says,’ and the players must act only if ‘Simon says’ is included. If players act without hearing, ‘Simon says,’ they’re out of the game. The last player standing becomes the new Simon.

Basketball Simon Says can be adapted to focus on specific skills such as dribbling, shooting, or defensive techniques. For example, ‘Simon says dribble with your left hand’ would require players to practice their ball handling using their non-dominant hand. This helps them develop ambidexterity and become more well-rounded players on the court.

Other commands could include shooting layups with proper form, performing defensive slides, or executing different passes like bounce or chest passes.

This drill improves basketball skills and fosters teamwork and communication among players. It encourages active listening as participants must pay close attention to each command the coach or leader gives. Additionally, it adds an element of competition and excitement to training sessions while being inclusive for all skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner just learning how to play basketball or an experienced player looking to refine your skills, Basketball Simon Says is a fantastic drill that offers both enjoyment and skill development in one package.

Defensive Drills

This section will discuss three important defensive drills you can incorporate into your basketball training.

The first drill is the Shell Drill. It focuses on improving team defense and communication skills.

Next, we have the Zigzag Defense drill. It helps players work on their lateral movement and stay in front of their opponents.

Lastly, the Charging Drill will teach you how to take charges effectively and safely during a game.

These drills are essential for developing strong defensive skills and should be included in your regular practice routine.

Shell Drill

Get ready to amp up your basketball skills with the exciting and engaging Shell Drill! This defensive drill is perfect for middle school players who want to improve their defensive positioning, communication, and teamwork. The Shell Drill is a popular drill coach because it focuses on fundamental defensive principles and encourages players to work together.

To set up the Shell Drill, divide your team into three groups of four players. Each group will start in one of the three key areas: two players in the corners of the baseline, one on each elbow, and one in the middle of the paint. The objective is for the offensive team (four players) to move the ball around while trying to score. In comparison, the defensive team (four players) must communicate and rotate quickly to cover any open offensive player.

Use a table format to organize your instructions to make this drill even more engaging and interactive. Here’s an example:

1The defensive team must communicate and rotate accordingly.
2The offensive team continues passing around the perimeter or attacking towards the basket.
3The defensive team adjusts positions accordingly based on offensive movement.
4The offensive team continues passing around the perimeter or attacking toward the basket.

By following these steps, you can create an organized structure that helps your middle school players understand their roles within the drill and improve their defensive skills effectively. Remember to emphasize communication throughout the drill so that players learn how important it is to talk on defense and work together as a cohesive unit. So get out there, gather your teammates, and try the Shell Drill – you’ll be amazed at how much it can improve your basketball skills!

Zigzag Defense

The Zigzag Defense is like a swarm of bees, buzzing and darting to disrupt the offensive flow. It’s an effective basketball drill for middle school players to improve their defensive skills and agility.

This drill aims to teach players how to move laterally and quickly change direction while staying in front of their opponents.

To execute the Zigzag Defense, start by forming two lines facing each other near the half-court line. One player from each line will be the defender, while the rest will act as offensive players.

The defenders should position themselves slightly behind and to one side of the offensive player they’re guarding. As soon as the drill starts, the offensive player with the ball will try to dribble past their defender while zigzagging between cones or markers placed on the floor.

The defenders must use quick footwork and lateral movements to mirror their opponent’s movements and prevent them from getting past. They should stay low in a defensive stance, keeping their eyes on the ballhandler and any potential passing options.

When one offensive player completes their turn, another joins from the opposite end, creating a continuous flow of attackers for defenders to guard against.

This drill helps players develop better defensive skills and improves their overall agility and quickness on defense. By regularly practicing this drill, middle school basketball players can become more adept at staying in front of their opponents, disrupting passing lanes, and improving team defense during games.

So gather your team and get ready to master this buzzing Zigzag Defense!

Charging Drill

Improve your defensive skills and footwork on the basketball court with the challenging Charging Drill. This drill is designed to help players develop their ability to quickly react and move laterally while also teaching them how to defend against an offensive player charging towards the basket properly.

You’ll need a partner or coach to act as the offensive player to perform this drill.

Start in a defensive stance with your knees bent, feet shoulder-width apart, and arms extended in front of you. Your partner will then stand at the top of the key and prepare to drive toward the basket. As they dribble towards you, shuffle your feet sideways in a zigzag motion, keeping your body low and maintaining good balance.

As soon as your partner gets close enough for you to make a play, explode off your outside foot and take a strong step forward into their path. Use your hands and body position to absorb contact from your opponent without fouling.

Repeat this drill several times, focusing on staying low throughout each repetition and using quick lateral movements to effectively cut off offensive players’ drives. Remember to keep your eyes on their waist or chest rather than their head or ball; this will help you anticipate their movements better and react quicker.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to use verbal cues such as “charge” when making contact with your opponent; this will add realism to the drill and create game-like scenarios for defenders and offensive players.

Incorporating the Charging Drill into your basketball training routine can significantly enhance your defensive skills by improving footwork, reaction time, and overall positioning on the court. By practicing this drill regularly with proper technique, you’ll become more confident in defending against aggressive offensive moves toward the basket while maintaining control over physicality during gameplay situations.

So grab a partner or coach today and start honing those charging abilities!

Offensive Drills

You’ll learn important techniques in offensive drills like the Give-and-Go, Mikan Drill, 3-on-2, and 2-on-1.

The Give-and-Go is a fundamental play. You pass the ball to a teammate and quickly cut towards the basket for a return pass and scoring opportunity.

The Mikan Drill focuses on improving your layup skills. You practice quick footwork around the basket.

In 3-on-2 and 2-on-1 drills, you’ll work on developing good decision-making skills. You learn how to attack the defense with limited players effectively.


Master the art of the give-and-go, and you’ll be weaving through defenses like a young Michael Jordan. The give-and-go is a fundamental offensive basketball play that involves passing the ball to a teammate and immediately cutting toward the basket to receive a return pass for an easy scoring opportunity.

It requires quick communication, trust, and precise timing between players. To execute this play effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Set up: Start by positioning yourself near the top of the key or on one of the wings. Your teammates should be in a spot where they can see you and make a quick pass.
  2. Pass and cut: Signal your intention to your teammate by making eye contact or using hand signals. As your teammate passes you the ball, make a decisive cut toward the basket while staying aware of defenders around you.
  3. Timing is everything: Time your cut to coincide with when your defender turns their attention towards the ball handler or gets caught off guard. This will give you an open path to receiving the return pass.
  4. Receive and finish: As soon as your teammate catches the ball, they should immediately look for you cutting towards the basket. Make sure to catch their pass securely and finish strong at the rim before any defenders can recover.

To better understand how this play unfolds on court, refer to this table:

1Position yourself near top of key/wing
2Signal intention to teammate
3Receive pass from teammate
4Cut towards basket
5Finish at rim

Remember, practicing this drill repeatedly with different teammates will help improve your chemistry on offense and sharpen your timing skills. Incorporate variations such as adding screens or fakes to keep defenders guessing. With dedication and practice, mastering the give-and-go will make you a valuable asset on any basketball team.

Mikan Drill

Take your game to the next level by incorporating the Mikan Drill into your training routine. This drill will help you hone your layup skills with precision and finesse. The Mikan Drill is a fundamental basketball drill that focuses on improving your footwork, timing, and coordination when performing layups.

It is named after George Mikan, one of the greatest centers in basketball history. He used this drill extensively to develop his scoring ability around the basket.

To perform the Mikan Drill, start by standing under the basket facing it with a basketball in hand. Begin by taking a quick step with your right foot towards the right side of the basket while extending your right arm for a layup. Immediately grab the rebound with your left hand and bring it back up for another layup on the left side of the basket using your left foot.

Repeat this process continuously, alternating between sides, as you move around the basket in a semi-circle motion.

This drill helps improve your shooting accuracy and touch around the rim while also developing ambidexterity as you work both sides of your body equally.

It is important to focus on using proper form throughout each repetition – jump off one leg, extend fully towards the hoop, use proper finger placement on release – to maximize its effectiveness.

By consistently practicing this drill during training sessions or warm-ups before games, you’ll notice significant improvements in your layup skills over time. So grab a basketball and get ready to become an unstoppable force near that hoop!

3-on-2, 2-on-1

When playing on-2, 2-on-1 situations in basketball, you must quickly make decisions and execute precise passes to create scoring opportunities. This drill is designed to improve your decision-making skills and ability to work as a team.

Here are three tips to help you excel in on-2, 2-on-1 situations:

  • Communication is key: When running this drill, make sure to communicate with your teammate. Let them know if you’re going for the shot or if you want them to take it. Clear communication will help avoid confusion and increase the chances of scoring.
  • Practice different scenarios: In this drill, try out different scenarios such as starting from different positions on the court or having a defensive player join in. This will help you become comfortable and adaptable in various game situations.
  • Work on timing: Timing is crucial when executing passes in on-2, 2-on-1 situations. Practice passing at the right moment so that your teammate can catch the ball in stride and have an easier time finishing at the basket.

By following these tips and practicing regularly, you’ll be able to improve your performance in on-2, 2-on-1 situations and contribute more effectively to your team’s success. Remember to stay focused, communicate well with your teammate, and work on your timing for optimal results!

Shooting Drills

If you want to improve your shooting skills in basketball, there are a few drills that can help you out.

One of them is the BEEF Shooting Drill, which focuses on proper shooting form and technique.

Another drill you can try is the Free Throw Contest, where you compete with your teammates to see who can make the most free throws.

Lastly, the 21 Shooting Drill is a great way to work on your shooting accuracy and consistency by trying to score exactly 21 points before anyone else.

Give these drills a shot and watch your shooting game improve!

BEEF Shooting Drill

Improve your shooting skills with the BEEF Shooting Drill – it’s a fantastic way to enhance your accuracy and technique on the court. The BEEF Shooting Drill stands for Balance, Eyes, Elbow, and Follow-through. It focuses on these key elements to help you develop a consistent shooting form.

To start this drill, position yourself at the free-throw line or any spot on the court where you feel comfortable shooting from. Begin by finding your balance – stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and distribute your weight evenly between both feet. This will provide a stable base for your shot.

Next, focus on your eyes. Look at the rim of the basketball hoop and keep your gaze fixed on it throughout the entire shot. This will help improve your aim and ensure that you’re targeting the right spot.

As you bring the ball up to shoot, pay attention to your elbow. Keep it tucked in close to your body and aligned with your shooting hand. This will give you better control over the ball and prevent unnecessary side-to-side movement.

Don’t forget about follow-through! After releasing the ball, extend your arm fully towards the rim while snapping your wrist downward. This motion adds power and spin to your shot, increasing its chances of going in.

Practice this drill regularly to reinforce good shooting habits and build muscle memory. By focusing on balance, eyes, elbow, and follow-through in each shot you take, you’ll see significant improvements in both accuracy and technique on the basketball court.

Free Throw Contest

Participating in a free throw contest can be a great way to put your shooting skills to the test and showcase your accuracy on the court. It’s a simple yet effective drill that focuses on honing your shooting technique and building confidence.

To make the most out of your free throw contest, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Focus on your form: Start by positioning yourself behind the free throw line with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly, align your dominant hand with the basket, and use a soft touch when releasing the ball. Remember to follow through with your shot by extending your arm fully.
  • Practice under pressure: In a free throw contest, you’ll likely face competition from other players or even set time limits for each attempt. This simulates real-game scenarios where you have limited time to shoot under pressure. Challenge yourself by setting goals such as making a certain number of shots consecutively or beating previous personal records.

When participating in a free throw contest, it’s essential to focus on both accuracy and consistency. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your shooting skills while having fun competing against others.

So grab a basketball, head to the free throw line, and let those shots fly!

21 Shooting Drill

Get ready to take your shooting skills to the next level with this challenging drill that will have you honing your technique and boosting your confidence on the court.

The shooting drill is a fundamental exercise that focuses specifically on improving your shooting accuracy and consistency. This drill is perfect for middle school basketball players who want to improve their shooting skills in a fun and engaging way.

To start the shooting drill, find a partner or set up a basketball hoop at a comfortable distance from the basket. Begin by standing at the designated spot, usually around the three-point line. Take aim at the basket, keeping your elbows tucked in and your eyes focused on the target.

As you release the ball, remember to follow through with your shot, extending your arm fully towards the basket. Repeat this process multiple times, aiming for a specific number of successful shots before moving on.

As you continue practicing this shooting drill, challenge yourself by increasing the difficulty level. For example, move farther away from the basket or incorporate dribbling into your shot routine. Additionally, try adding some time pressure by setting a timer and seeing how many shots you can make within a given time frame.

Remember to maintain proper form throughout each repetition and stay consistent with both speed and accuracy.

By consistently practicing this shooting drill, you’ll notice improvements in both your technique and overall performance on the court. Not only will it help strengthen your shooting skills, but it will also boost your confidence as you see yourself making progress over time.

So grab a basketball, find a hoop, or partner up with someone else who’s looking to improve their game too! It’s time to elevate your shooting abilities and become an even more valuable player on the court.

Passing Drills

Are you looking for some passing drills to improve your basketball skills?
Try out these three fun and effective drills: Monkey in the Middle, Chest Pass Relay Race, and 3-Man Weave.

In Monkey in the Middle, two players stand on opposite ends while one player tries to intercept their passes.

The Chest Pass Relay Race involves teams racing against each other while passing the ball using chest passes.

Lastly, the 3-Man Weave drill focuses on teamwork and coordination as three players weave down the court while passing the ball back and forth.

These drills will help you develop your passing accuracy, speed, and communication on the court.

Monkey in the Middle

Jump, jive, and jiggle as you join in on the Monkey in the Middle basketball drill for middle schoolers! This fun and fast-paced drill is a great way to improve passing skills and agility on the court. The objective of Monkey in the Middle is to keep the ball away from one player who is positioned in the middle while other players pass it around. It’s a game that requires quick thinking, teamwork, and good communication.

To set up Monkey in the Middle, gather a group of players and form a circle. Assign one player to be the “monkey”who stands in the center of the circle. The remaining players spread out evenly around the circle. Now, let’s take a look at how this drill works using a table:

1The monkey starts by trying to intercept passes made between players in the circle.
2Players must pass quickly and accurately to keep the ball away from the monkey.
3If the monkey intercepts a pass or knocks it out of bounds, they switch places with the player who threw or touched their last attempted pass.
4The new monkey takes their place in the center of the circle while all other players adjust accordingly.
5The drill continues with players working together to evade interception by making crisp passes and moving strategically within their positions.

Monkey in thMiddle is an excellent drill for developing passing skills under pressure while also encouraging teamwork among middle school basketball players. Remember to communicate effectively with your teammates by calling for passes and signaling when you’re open or covered. With practice, this drill will not only enhance your passing abilities but also improve your overall court awareness and decision-making skills during gameplay!

Chest Pass Relay Race

As you gather your teammates for some friendly competition, get ready to engage in a thrilling chest pass relay race! This basketball drill isn’t just easy and fun, but it also helps improve your passing skills and teamwork.

To set up the drill, divide your team into two equal groups and have them line up facing each other about 10-15 feet apart. Each group should have one basketball.

To start the relay race, the first player from each group will chest pass the ball to their teammate across from them. The receiving player must catch the ball with both hands and immediately chest pass it back to their teammate. The goal is to complete as many successful passes as possible within a given time limit or until one team reaches a certain number of passes.

It’s important to emphasize proper technique during this drill. Remind your teammates to use both hands when catching and passing the ball, keeping their elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. Encourage them to use their legs and core muscles for power in their chest passes. As they become more comfortable with the drill, challenge them to increase the speed of their passes without sacrificing accuracy.

This fast-paced relay race not only improves passing skills, but it also enhances communication and teamwork among teammates. It requires quick thinking, coordination, and accuracy to successfully complete passes under pressure.

So gather your teammates, lace up those sneakers, and get ready for an exciting chest pass relay race that’ll help take your basketball skills to new heights!

3-Man Weave

Get ready to take your passing skills and teamwork to the next level with the man weave, a dynamic basketball drill that challenges you to navigate through defenders while maintaining accurate chest passes.

In this drill, you’ll be divided into two teams, with each team lining up on opposite sides of the court. The objective is for one team to successfully complete a series of chest passes down the court without getting intercepted by the defending team.

To start the drill, one player from each team will begin at half-court. They’ll initiate the drill by making a chest pass to their teammate on the same side of the court. As soon as they release the pass, both players must sprint towards their teammates at full speed while weaving in and out around defenders who are trying to intercept their passes.

The key here isn’t just maintaining accuracy in your chest passes, but also having good footwork and awareness of your surroundings. As you progress down the court, it’s important to communicate with your teammate and anticipate where defenders might try to intercept your pass. This can be done by using quick fakes or changing directions suddenly.

Additionally, make sure you maintain proper form when executing your chest passes by stepping into each pass and snapping your wrists for added power and accuracy.

To make this drill even more challenging and fun, consider adding variations such as increasing the number of defenders or setting a time limit for completing each round.

Remember, practice makes perfect! So keep working on your passing skills and teamwork by incorporating this exciting man weave drill into your training sessions.

Dribbling Drills

In this discussion, we will explore some key dribbling drills that can enhance your basketball skills.

First up is the Figure 8 Dribbling drill, which helps improve hand-eye coordination and ball control.

Next, we have the Spider Dribbling drill, which focuses on quick changes of direction and agility.

Lastly, we will cover 1-on-1 Defense and Dribbling, which is a great way to practice both offensive and defensive skills simultaneously.

These drills are designed to challenge you and help you become a more versatile player on the court.

Figure 8 Dribbling

Imagine yourself on the basketball court, effortlessly maneuvering through defenders with quickness and precision as you master the figure 8 dribbling drill. This particular drill is an excellent way to improve your ball-handling skills and develop better control over the basketball.

To begin, start by standing in an athletic stance with your knees slightly bent and your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the basketball in front of you with both hands, palms facing down.

Begin by dribbling the basketball from your right hand to your left hand in a circular motion, moving it behind your back. As you bring the ball around, make sure to keep your eyes up and focused on the court ahead.

As soon as the ball reaches your left hand, quickly transfer it back to your right hand using a swift motion. Repeat this process continuously, creating a figure 8 pattern with the basketball as it moves between your hands.

As you become more comfortable with this drill, try to increase the speed at which you perform it while maintaining control of the basketball. Challenge yourself by incorporating crossovers or hesitations into the drill to simulate game-like situations.

Remember to keep practicing until this move becomes second nature to you. The figure 8 dribbling drill will not only enhance your ability to navigate through defenders but also improve your overall ball-handling skills on the court.

Spider Dribbling

Mastering the spider dribbling technique requires swift and precise movements, allowing players to effectively navigate through defenders on the basketball court. This drill is a great way for middle school players to improve their ball handling skills and develop better control over the basketball.

To perform the spider dribble, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Begin by dribbling the ball between your legs from front to back using your dominant hand. As soon as you release the ball, quickly switch hands and dribble it back through your legs from back to front using your non-dominant hand.

Continue this pattern of alternating between hands, making sure to keep a low center of gravity and stay balanced throughout. Focus on keeping your eyes up and scanning the court as you move. This will help you anticipate defenders’ movements and make quick decisions on where to go next.

As you become more comfortable with this drill, try increasing your speed while maintaining control over the basketball. Remember, practice makes perfect, so be sure to dedicate time each day to work on this skill.

Mastering the spider dribbling technique requires practice and dedication but can greatly enhance a player’s ability to maneuver through defenders on the basketball court. By incorporating this drill into their training routine, middle school players can improve their ball handling skills and gain confidence in their ability to control the game.

So grab a basketball, find some open space, and start perfecting that spider dribble!

1-on-1 Defense and Dribbling

To improve your defense and dribbling skills, focus on maintaining a low stance and using quick lateral movements to effectively guard your opponent. By staying low, you’ll have better balance and be able to react quickly to any offensive moves. Keep your knees bent and your back straight, with your weight evenly distributed on both feet. This will give you a solid base from which to move in any direction.

As you guard your opponent, make sure to stay focused on their chest or midsection rather than their eyes or the ball. This’ll help you anticipate their moves and react more efficiently. Use quick lateral movements to stay in front of them and deny them easy access to the basket. Remember to mirror their movements by sliding your feet instead of crossing them over, as this allows for quicker recoveries if they try to change direction.

Did you know that players with strong defensive skills are more likely to create turnovers, leading to scoring opportunities for their team? By improving your defense, not only will you become a valuable asset on the court but also contribute significantly to your team’s success.

Practice these techniques regularly during drills and scrimmages, focusing on maintaining a low stance and using quick lateral movements. With time and dedication, you’ll see improvements in both your defense and dribbling abilities that’ll make a difference in game situations.

So get out there and start honing those skills!


In conclusion, these 21 basketball drills for middle school are a slam dunk way to improve your skills on the court! Whether you’re looking for easy drills and plays or more challenging offensive and defensive exercises, there’s something here for everyone.

With fun and engaging activities like shooting, passing, dribbling, and more, you’ll be able to practice your skills while having a blast.

So grab a ball, gather your teammates, and get ready to show off your moves! These drills are designed to help you become a better player by focusing on different aspects of the game.

From improving your shooting accuracy with shooting drills to honing your passing skills with passing drills, each exercise is tailored to help you excel in specific areas.

Remember, practice makes perfect! By incorporating these drills into your training routine, you’ll not only improve your basketball abilities but also enhance your overall performance on the court.

So lace up those sneakers and get ready to take your game to the next level. With these 21 basketball drills for middle schoolers at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can achieve on the court!

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