Can Basketball Players Wear Gloves?

Last Updated on: 12th October 2023, 11:13 pm

can basketball players wear gloves

It’s a question that may have crossed your mind if you’ve ever watched a game and noticed some players sporting gloves on the court.

We will explore whether it is acceptable for basketball players to wear gloves and why they might choose to do so.

Can You Play Basketball With Gloves?

Yes, you can play basketball with gloves, but there are some rules to follow. Here are some key points from the search results:

  • Legal: It is legal to wear gloves in basketball, including in the NBA.
  • Rules: Gloves must not give you an advantage over other players. Sheer gloves that provide no grip are allowed, but gloves that provide additional grip or reach advantage are not allowed.
  • Benefits: Gloves can improve ball handling and dribbling skills and keep your hands warm in cold weather.
  • Impracticality: Gloves are not commonly used in basketball due to their impracticality and the fact that they are not very useful.
  • Inspection: Officials will inspect everything players wear besides their uniforms before the game to ensure a fair game can be played.

You can play basketball with gloves if they do not provide an unfair advantage and are inspected by officials before the game. However, basketball gloves are not commonly used in basketball due to their impracticality and lack of usefulness.

Why Wear Gloves While Playing Basketball?

While participating in the sport, you might choose to don a pair of gloves for added grip and control. Wearing gloves can provide several benefits for basketball players. Firstly, they can improve grip and ball control. The texture of the glove material enhances friction between the player’s hand and the basketball, allowing for a more secure hold on the ball during dribbling, passing, and shooting.

There are different types of gloves available specifically designed for basketball players. Some gloves have fingerless designs, providing better flexibility and dexterity. Others have full finger coverage to protect against impacts or potential injuries. Choosing gloves that fit well and allow natural movement of the fingers while ensuring a snug fit around the palm area for optimal performance is essential.

One common concern is whether wearing gloves affects shooting accuracy in basketball. While some players may feel an adjustment period when first using gloves for shooting, it largely depends on personal preference and comfort level. Some players find that wearing gloves improves their shooting by providing a consistent grip on the ball throughout their shot motion. However, others may prefer not to wear them during shooting as it can slightly alter their release point or feel on the ball.

Wearing gloves while playing basketball can offer improved grip and ball control benefits. Different types of gloves are available to cater to individual preferences and needs. Although some players may experience an adjustment period when using gloves for shooting, it ultimately comes down to personal choice. When selecting basketball gloves, consider fit, flexibility, durability, and overall comfort to find the right pair that enhances your game without hindering your performance.


In conclusion, wearing gloves while playing basketball is possible and can benefit players. Whether it’s for added grip, protection, or personal preference, many individuals have succeeded in incorporating gloves into their game. While not all players choose to wear gloves, notable NBA athletes still do.

One interesting statistic is that approximately 10% of NBA players wear gloves during games. This may not seem like a high percentage, but it shows that many professional athletes find value in using gloves while competing on the court. Additionally, this statistic highlights the individuality and unique preferences within the basketball community.

It’s important to note that wearing gloves in basketball is a personal choice, and its effectiveness can vary from player to player. Some find that gloves improve their grip on the ball, allowing for better control and fewer turnovers. Others might use them as hand protection against injuries or sweat-induced slippage. Ultimately, whether or not you choose to wear gloves while playing basketball depends on your comfort level and what works best for your game style.

While there may be some debate around the use of gloves in basketball, it’s clear that they are an option worth considering for those looking to enhance their performance or protect their hands during games. With approximately 10% of NBA players already utilizing this equipment, it’s evident that wearing gloves can benefit some individuals. So if you’re curious about trying them, don’t hesitate – get out on the court and see how they work for you!