How To Meet NBA Players Before Game (7 Ways)

Last Updated on: 9th January 2024, 11:40 pm

Attending an NBA game can be a thrilling experience for basketball enthusiasts. The opportunity to witness the skills and athleticism of professional players up close can create a sense of excitement and admiration.

how to meet nba players before game

For some fans, however, the desire to go beyond mere spectatorship and meet their favorite NBA players becomes a goal.

Pregame Bus Departure

The pregame bus departure is a critical time for autograph seekers. There are typically two bus departures: the first around 4:30 p.m. for coaches and younger players and the second around 5:30 p.m. for veteran players. Arriving early at the hotel can position you favorably for these moments.

Team Arrival at the Hotel

An often-overlooked opportunity to meet NBA players and get autographs is when the team arrives at the hotel, typically the evening before the game.

basketball team hotel

This moment presents a unique chance for fans to engage with players in a less hectic environment. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of this opportunity:

  1. Timing of Arrival: NBA teams usually travel on an off-day and check into their hotel between 5-7 p.m. the evening before a game. This schedule allows players to have dinner, relax, and get a good night’s rest.
  2. Strategies for Autographs: Since the entire team often arrives simultaneously, getting autographs from multiple players can be challenging. In such scenarios, having more collectors around can be beneficial as they might delay a player while you engage with another.
  3. Back-to-Back Game Scenario: If the team is playing back-to-back games, estimate their arrival time using the following equation: Time game ends + 1.5 hours (for post-game interviews and travel to the airport) + flight duration + travel time to the hotel. This estimation can help you decide to invest your time waiting for the team’s arrival.

Arriving Early and Knowing Game Day Schedule

Being aware of the designated game day schedule and arriving early allows individuals a greater opportunity to encounter NBA players before their games.

basketball schedule

Pre-game activities, such as player autograph sessions, player warm-up routines, and player meet-and-greet events, often occur before the game starts.

By knowing the schedule, fans can plan their arrival accordingly and maximize their chances of meeting their favorite players.

Additionally, arriving early provides the advantage of beating the crowds and having more one-on-one interaction with the players.

Researching Player Meet and Greet Opportunities

Researching opportunities for pre-game encounters with professional basketball athletes can be a valuable strategy for avid fans seeking to engage with their favorite NBA stars.

basketball meet and greet

By conducting thorough research, fans can discover various avenues through which they may have the chance to meet and interact with players.

Local events, such as fan festivals sponsored by the team or local organizations, often allow fans to meet players, get autographs, and take photos.

Charity events organized by the team or individual players also offer chances for fans to meet NBA stars while supporting a good cause.

Players also occasionally make appearances at promotional events or public gatherings in the community, providing further opportunities for interaction.

Strategic Timing for Autographs

In addition to the methods already discussed, understanding the specific timings and strategies for getting NBA autographs can significantly enhance your chances of success.

basketball player signing autographs
  1. Arrival (Evening Before the Game): Teams often arrive at their hotel between 5-7 p.m. the evening before a game. This is a prime time to get autographs as players are less rushed. Position yourself near the hotel entrance and be ready as the team arrives. For back-to-back games, estimate the team’s arrival using this formula: Time game ends + 1.5 hours (postgame activities) + flight duration + travel time to hotel.
  2. Before Shootaround (Morning of Game Day): Visiting teams typically leave for a 10 a.m. shootaround between 9-9:30 a.m. This is an ideal time as players exit one at a time and collector numbers are lower. Position yourself near the hotel exit or the training facility to catch players before they board the bus.
  3. After Shootaround (Noon): Teams usually return to the hotel around 12-12:30 p.m. This can be a challenging time since players often return in groups, and some might have already signed autographs before the shootaround.
  4. Pregame Bus (Afternoon): Teams leave for the game in two buses. The first, around 4:30 p.m., usually carries coaches and young players, while the second, around 5:30 p.m., carries veteran players. Arrive early at the hotel to get a good spot.
  5. At the Arena: Each arena has different policies, but arriving early can be beneficial. Look for opportunities near player tunnels during warm-ups, where some players might stop to sign autographs.

Choosing the Right Seats for Player Interaction

Several factors should be considered when selecting seats at a game to optimize the chances of interacting with professional basketball athletes.

basketball game seats
  • Seat selection: Choosing seats close to the player benches or tunnel entrances can increase the likelihood of being in proximity to the athletes.
  • Player accessibility: Seats located near areas where players enter and exit the court, such as near locker rooms or team buses, provide better opportunities for interaction.
  • Pre-game warm-up: Arriving early and watching players warm up on the court can create opportunities for brief interactions or even autograph signings.
  • Autograph opportunities: Selecting seats near areas where players often sign autographs, such as before or after games, can maximize the chance of obtaining a signature.

Utilizing Social Media and Online Platforms

Social media and online platforms enable individuals to access a wide range of information and engage with communities interested in professional basketball athletes.

These platforms provide opportunities for direct messaging, where fans can reach out to NBA players directly and potentially arrange meet-ups or interactions.

Additionally, many NBA teams organize fan events where players appear, allowing fans to meet them in person.

Online contests are another way for fans to win the opportunity to meet their favorite players before a game.

Furthermore, players often endorse products or brands on their social media accounts, which may involve special promotions or events that allow fans to interact with them.

Lastly, virtual meet and greets have become increasingly popular, especially when in-person interactions are limited.

Through these online platforms, fans can participate in live video sessions with NBA players and have the opportunity to ask questions or engage in conversations.

Being Respectful and Patient in the Process

Exercising patience and displaying respect throughout the process fosters a positive environment for fans to engage with basketball athletes and potentially create meaningful connections. Proper etiquette is crucial when attempting to meet NBA players before a game.

This includes understanding boundaries and not approaching players during pre-game routines or when they may be focused or busy. Building relationships requires patience and persistence, as it may take time to establish a connection with players. Managing expectations is important, as not every interaction may lead to a long-lasting relationship or friendship.


In conclusion, meeting NBA players before a game requires careful planning and research. Individuals can maximize their chances of encountering players outside the arena by arriving early and knowing the game day schedule.