Jayson Tatum Wingspan, Height, Vertical Jump, Reach

Last Updated on: 10th January 2024, 01:06 am

Jayson Tatum, the 6’8′ forward for the Boston Celtics, is known for his impressive athleticism. One standout aspect of his game is his wingspan and vertical jump, crucial to his success as an NBA player.

AttributeMeasurementAdditional Information
Height6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m)
Vertical Jump32.5 inches
Vertical Reach8’10.5″Controversial; another source suggests around 33 inches (0.84 m)
Wingspan6 feet 11 inches (2.11 m)Advantageous on the court for disrupting passes and contesting shots

But how did Tatum develop such a remarkable ability to leap off the ground? In this article, we will explore the evolution of Tatum’s vertical jump from his college days at Duke University to his current career in the NBA.

Tatum’s vertical leap has improved greatly since he first stepped onto the court at Duke University. While he was already considered an elite prospect from high school, he did not focus on improving his physical abilities until college.

Jayson Tatum vertical jump

With guidance from Duke’s strength and conditioning coach and other trainers, Tatum worked diligently to increase his strength and explosiveness. As a result, he was able to add several inches to his vertical jump by the time he declared for the NBA draft after just one year of college play.

How Tall? What Is Jayson Tatum’s Height?

Jayson Tatum’s height is 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 meters).

What Is Jayson Tatum’s Vertical Jump?

Jayson Tatum’s vertical jump measures at 32.5 inches.

What Is Jayson Tatum’s Vertical Reach?

Jayson Tatum’s vertical reach has been reported as 8’10.5″

What Is Jayson Tatum’s Wingspan?

Jayson Tatum’s wingspan is reported to be 6 feet 11 inches (2.11 meters). This gives him a significant advantage on the court, as he can use his long arms to disrupt passing lanes and contest shots. 

The Evolution of Tatum’s Vertical Jump

You’re probably wondering how Tatum’s leaping ability has progressed over time. The Boston Celtics player started with a vertical jump of 34.5 inches during his college days at Duke University. However, he increased his vertical by over six inches within two years of joining the NBA.

Tatum’s impressive improvement can be attributed to his work ethic and dedication towards enhancing his athleticism on the court. He worked extensively on building his leg strength through plyometric exercises and weightlifting, which helped him achieve a higher jump. Moreover, he also focused on refining his technique and form while jumping to maximize his potential height.

These efforts have paid off as Tatum now boasts one of the highest vertical jumps in the league, proving that hard work truly does pay off when improving one’s athletic abilities.

Techniques and training methods for increasing vertical leap allow athletes to enhance their jumping ability without relying solely on natural talent or genetics.


In conclusion, Jayson Tatum’s NBA vertical jumping career has been remarkable. From his days at Duke to his superstardom with the Boston Celtics, his vertical jump has played an integral role in his success on the court.

Through diligent training and expert coaching, Tatum has honed his skills and improved his vertical leap. This has allowed him to make game-changing plays by soaring above the rim. His ability to jump higher than his opponents sets him apart from others on the court.

Ultimately, Tatum’s story is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. Aspiring basketball players can take their game to new heights and achieve their dreams of success at any level by improving their vertical leaps using proven techniques and training methods.