New NBA Resting Policy Limit Resting Star Players

Last Updated on: 19th September 2023, 05:00 pm

In a significant move, the NBA introduced a new resting policy for the upcoming season, limiting teams to only one-star player per game. Teams that don’t adhere to this rule could face hefty fines, escalating to millions.

About The New NBA Resting Rules

The NBA’s Player Participation Policy categorizes a star player as someone who has been selected for an All-NBA Team or NBA All-Star team within the last three seasons. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver emphasized, “Healthy players in the NBA are anticipated to be on the court.”

NBA resting policy

From October 24 to April 19, the NBA season will consist of 82 regular-season games. Teams are now instructed to strategize their rosters so that no more than one-star player sits out the same game. The fine structure is as follows: $100,000 for the first offense, $250,000 for the second, and each subsequent violation will incur $1 million more than the last.

It’s imperative for teams to evenly distribute the games a star player misses between home and away matches. Moreover, star players are required to be present for all nationally broadcast games. If a fit player is given rest, they should be present at the game and visible to the audience. The policy strictly prohibits star players from taking extended breaks from consecutive games.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, considering injuries, personal circumstances, and previously agreed-upon restrictions for back-to-back games, considering factors like age, career duration, and past injuries.

The NBA has also tried to reduce the number of consecutive games teams play in different cities, favoring back-to-back away games against the same team. Silver added, “The entire league acknowledges the need for this change. It’s primarily about the fans. We’ve observed young, fit players being rested, which doesn’t align with our data on injury risks.”