The Dunk King Jordan Kilganon (Height, Net Worth, Weight, Etc)

The Dunk King Jordan Kilganon

Basketball players and spectators love the idea of an amazing dunk and like watching it even more.

A few people come into the dunk game and change it.

But when we are lucky enough for a person to come in and bring new creativity to dunking, it is a fantastic sight to see.

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Introducing The Dunk King Jordan Kilganon

One of the most explosive and well-known dunkers in the dunk game today…

The Dunk King Jordan Kilganon has shocked many spectators, including NBA legends known for their high-flying dunks.

Having won many dunk contests and been a contestant in the hit YouTube show Dunk League, it is hard to deny him the title Dunk King.

If you do not know or respect Jordan Kilganon, you might change your mind by the end of this article.

Who is Jordan Kilganon?

Jordan Kilganon is known as “The Dude Who Dunked In Jeans” and “Mission Impossible.”

Kilganon is a 6’1” tall Canadian dunker from Sudbury, Ontario…

Jordan is best known for his show-stopping dunks like his signature dunk, the scorpion…

If you do not know what this dunk is, you need to check out the video below…

Jordan Kilganon has released a vertical jump program called BounceKit

The program is not bad, but for what you pay, it is not the best…

Kilganon never wanted to play in the NBA; he just had the drive to jump as high as he could and dunk the basketball…

At 15 years old, he used to practice on 8-foot rims…

Fast forward to today, he is doing amazing dunks on a regulation-size 10-foot rim at the professional level.

I can say that his obsession is paying off.

Jordan even has a brother, Chase Kilganon, who seems to follow in his footsteps of dunking.

Height – How Tall Is Jordan Kilganon?

Jordan Kilganon is 6 feet 1 inch tall, approximately 185 cm.

He can easily tell you how tall you need to be to be able to dunk a basketball!

Early Life And Background

Jordan Kilganon was born on April 2, 1992, in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He comes from an athletic family, as his father was a high jumper, and his mother played basketball.

Jordan has a younger brother, Chase Kilganon, who is also a talented dunker and seems to be following in his older brother’s footsteps.

Growing up in a family with a strong passion for sports, Jordan was introduced to basketball at a young age. He became obsessed with the sport after watching Vince Carter’s iconic performance in the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Inspired by Carter’s incredible dunks, Kilganon started practicing his jumping skills on lower rims and gradually progressed to higher ones as his abilities improved.

His Influences And Role Models

As previously mentioned, Vince Carter is one of his main inspirations.

Kilganon has also been influenced by other notable dunkers, such as Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins, known for their gravity-defying dunks and competitiveness in the NBA. These legendary players set the bar high for aspiring dunkers like Kilganon, continually pushing him to improve his abilities and create his signature dunks.

And we can’t forget his peers in Dunk Elite, the world’s best dunkers who travel and perform together.

Jordan Kilganon Vertical?

Who Is The Dunk King Jordan Kilganon
Jordan Kilganon

Jordan Kilganon has an insane vertical of 50” inches

This puts some of the best dunkers in the NBA to shame…

To put this vertical in perspective, The King, LeBron James, only has a 40” inch vertical.

Due to Kilganon’s insane vertical, he can pull off impressive dunks…

Unlike most jumpers that pull power from their truck, Jordan’s power comes from hips and core…

Jordan can rapidly contract and relax his muscles before jumping, resulting in the force and velocity necessary to achieve his amazing jump height.

This jump height does not come without a cost…

Kilganon’s workouts are brutal; his workout includes two-weekly four-hour dunk sessions…

I do not know about you, but after throwing down about 10 dunks, my legs need a break.

Another excellent peat Kilganon has accomplished is being the world record holder for the Box Jump…

Jordan holds this record at 75 inches…

Check out the video below to see it for yourself.

Jordan Kilganon Workout And Training Regimen

The Dunk King Jordan Kilganon Getting Prepared For A Workout

One of the most dedicated dunkers in the world, Kilganon’s workouts are insane…

Jordan’s first dunk came when he was 16 while on vacation.

It was his first two-handed dunk, but that was all it took for Jordan to become obsessed with dunking.

This two-handed dunk leads to Kilganon doing 3 to 4-hour dunk sessions.

He does not recommend going straight to 3-4 hour dunk sessions…

He suggests starting with 30 minutes a day and then increasing from there, but he says people should dunk daily.

Once his leg started giving out during these long dunk sessions, he got in the weight room…

In return, the weight room started to increase his dunk abilities…

Jordan does nothing special; he sticks to the classic workouts like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

This shows you that getting results does not have to be complicated.

When dunking, Kilganon recommends you need to practice technique

The technique is just as crucial to power as the art of dunking.

The best vertical training programs will teach you proper technique…

If you want to learn more about the best vertical jump training programs, you can here.

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What Is Jordan Kilganon Up To Today?

Jordan focuses on nothing but his dunking art…

He is a part of Dunk Elite, where he can travel the world to showcase his dunking ability and get paid for it…

Since Kilganon never wanted to play in the NBA, he took his passion for dunking and made a lifestyle out of it.

Jordan was even asked by friends and coaches if he would try out for his college team in Toronto, but he said…

He wanted to focus all his energy on what he loved, which was dunking.

It is unlikely that he would have made the NBA because of his height, and even with his world-known jumping ability, it would be hard.

To make the NBA, you have to be about in the top 450 players in the world.

With Jordan Kilganon’s net worth estimated at around $300,000 to $800,000…

I would say that Jordan made a great choice by taking his freakish dunking talent and making a living with it.

Jordan hopes that the Dunking sport will be an Olympics event one day.

That would be amazing to see because Jordan Kilganon has changed the way the world views dunking.

If you want to see how he changed the dunking world, look at Kilganon’s best dunks…

How can you get your vertical like Jordan Kilganon?

You will need hard work and dedication…

If you have that, you already won half the battle.

As mentioned earlier, Jordan has his own jumped program, BounceKit…

But it is not impressive by any means; if you don’t believe me, you can read my Bouncekit review of the jump program.

Also, the answer will not be going out and buying the newest basketball shoe

Or even if you try the old method of Strength Shoes of Jumpsoles.

You need a proven jump program, and I recommend purchasing Vert Shock.

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Vert Shock jump program promises a 9-15 inch gain in your vertical, and I can tell you it will deliver.


What Is Jordan Kilganon Vertical?

The 6 foot 1 inch Jordan Kilganon has a 50-inch vertical which makes him jump higher than your favorite NBA players and puts him as having one of the highest verticals in the world.

Will Bouncekit Make Me Jump Like Jordan Kilganon?

It is very unlikely that Kilganon’s jump program will make you jump like him. You are better off trying more proven vertical jump programs like Vert Shock or Jump manual.

Is Jordan Kilganon The Best Dunker?

It is difficult to definitively label Jordan Kilganon as the best dunker, as this is largely a matter of personal opinion and depends on individual preferences for dunking styles and techniques. However, Kilganon is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and accomplished dunkers in the world.

Why Is Jordan Kilganon Not In The NBA?

Jordan Kilganon’s height, skill set, focus on dunking, lack of college basketball experience, and personal preference for a career in professional dunking have contributed to his decision not to pursue a career in the NBA.

What Shoes Does Jordan Kilganon Wear?

Jordan Kilganon is often seen wearing various basketball sneakers, but he has been known to wear the Nike Kobe series, particularly the Nike Kobe 11, for many of his dunk contests and performances.