Top 3 Best Vertical Jump Programs Revealed in 2023

Last Updated on: 11th December 2023, 11:15 pm

Explaining to athlete why these two programs are The Best Vertical Jump Programs

Allen Iverson once said, “When you’re not practicing, someone else is getting better.” These are words that every player and athlete should live by because it is true.

I know that you are here to find the best vertical jump training programs because you want to improve your game while your opponent is sitting at home eating Cheetos and watching Netflix.

To be honest with you after looking at all the vertical programs I could find, the popular ones, and the non-popular jump programs, I can really only recommend 2.

I had rigorous criteria to find the best vertical jump programs to make this list…

These programs had to have proven and consistent results…

Also, while making sure players will not lose their gains in their vertical after a few months of the program finishing…

Lastly, these programs had to have value for what you pay…

I do not want you to pay $100 for a bare-bones jump program or even $1 for a garbage program.

In the words of the great Micheal Jordan, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” 

Now let’s get into the 2 best vertical jump programs that are in the game!

A Quick Comparison Of My Top 3 Vertical Jump Program Recommendations

ProgramDurationBonusesProsConsWho Should Buy
Vert Shock8 Weeks Of Shocking ResultsVert Shock BonusesProven results, weight-freeBuying process, internet connection requiredNo gym access, want fast results
Jump Manual12 weeks of intensityJump Manual BonusesDetailed approach, comprehensive trainingDated videos, not beginner-friendly, gym access requiredSerious athletes, willing to dedicate time and effort
BoingVertThree Affordable OptionsBoingVert BonusesMultiple options, affordableTime-consuming, confusing websiteBudget-conscious, beginners and advanced athletes

1. Vert Shock Program: 8 Weeks Of Shocking Results

Vert Shock image

The vertical jump training program Vert Shock is in a league of its own…

The program uses shock workouts, which require no weights at all.

This jump program gets results like no other vertical jump training program I have seen before.

Vert Shock has a bald promise of increasing your vertical by 9-15 inches…

Let me tell you that this promise is ambitious, and it delivers.

I actually did a review of Vert Shock and went through the whole program myself…

If you want to see my review and results, you can here

Spoiler Alert, I gained 11 inches.

Vert Shock is structured in 3 phases that they like to call shock phases.

Phase 1: Pre-Shock

Essentially this is a week of warm-ups to get your body ready for the intense workouts ahead.

Typically people will gain 1-2 inches in this phase…

But, Vert Shock claims people have gained 3-5 inches alone form this phase.

Phase 2: Shock Phase 

This is going to be the toughest phase of the program…

And honestly, if you give 100% and give everything you got, it will be the toughest program that you have tried.

This is the phase where the gains are made…

A full 6 weeks of training, working you out 4-5 times a week.

There is no doubt that you will feel different during and after this phase.

Phase 3: Post-Shock

The last phase of the program and let me tell you that will not be easy…

It brings together phases one and two, so what you learned becomes muscle memory.

This phase will work and improve your jumping form…

In this phase, athletes are sore and must push through the soreness to get the max results.

There is no doubt in my mind after these three phases; you will be dunking with no problem.

Vert Shock Bonuses

Vert Shock comes with a total of 11 bounces…

These bonuses are as follows…

  1. The Vert Shock Maintenance Program
  2. Weekly Check-ins
  3. “The 4 Vertical Jump Killers”
  4. “The 5 Dirty Secrets to Jump Higher”
  5. “The jump higher list Checklist”
  6. “NBA Jump Secrets Revealed”
  7. “The Power Leak Fix for Overnight Hops”
  8. “Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed”
  9. “The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher”
  10. “The Dunk Now Visualization Workout”
  11. “The Vert Shock Vert Tracker Workbook”
  12. “Jump Like Justin System” (12th bonus is only for a limited time)

Pros Of Vert Shock

First of all, the proven results are one of the main things that I liked about this vertical training program…

Something I really liked and thought was unique about this program was that you do not have to have access to weights…

This program is 100% weight free…

This is great because you can not miss a training day at all and because there are no weights involved all you need is your body…

There are no excuses to miss any days.

The 11 bonuses plus the Jump Like Justin System is just icing on the cake with this program, especially with the 90-day money-back guarantee…

Vert Shock gives you everything that you need to have to be successful…

Vertical Jump Killers is one of the extras and is my favorite bonus because it points out bad habits that will kill your vertical and how to avoid them…

While the Vert Shock Maintenance Program is my second favorite because it keeps you on track not to lose any gains after the program.

Everything about this program is about excellent and exceeding expectations.

Cons Of Vert Shock

Honestly, there isn’t much that I did not like about this program…

There were only two things that I would like to change…

The first thing about this program that I did not like is the buying process, this process could be simplified…

You have to go through an entire sales page, which is rather long before you reach the buy button at the bottom.

The second thing is that you have to have an internet connection to watch the videos…

There is no download and watch later option; this would allow better accessibility with the program if available.

Who Should Buy Vert Shock?

Anyone willing to put in the work in will benefit from this program…

Vert Shock is an excellent jump program for people who do not have access to weights or a gym.

This program is less likely to cause injury than other programs because no weights are needed and it has an amazing workout routine developed by professionals.

If you want to increase your vertical and get fast results while not wasting your time…

You should check this program out.

We also covered a review of Vert Shock and the difference between Vert Shock and Jump Manual, our next recommendation.

VertShock Banner

2. Jump Manual: 12 weeks of intensity

The Jump Manual Banner

Jump Manual was made in 2008, and its age shows in the videos…

But do not make the mistake that this program is dated…

Jump Manual is still one of the top programs to increase your vertical today.

There are countless testimonials of players increasing their vertical by at least 10 inches.

I conducted a review of this program, and you can check it out here.

This program is the most intense jump training in the game…

To get the greatest benefit from this jump program, you will need to have access to weights.

Going through this jump program, you will feel like a full-time athlete training for the Olympics…

But in the end, when you see the results…

And you will be hungry for more.

Jump Manual was featured in popular magazines like Fadeaway, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, ESPN, and Men’s Health…

So you know this program will give you results but, the catch is that you have to be willing to put in the work for the whole 12 weeks.

Jump Manual Bonuses

This a complete training to increase your vertical with all the tools necessary to get you dunking like you always dreamed of…

The bonuses are as follows…

  1. Exercise Video Library
  2. Tips and Hacks
  3. Nutrition
  4. Personalize Coaching
  5. 60-day money-back guarantee

Jump Manual is not known for all the bonuses they give, but still, the ones they do offer are of great value and will help you on your dunking journey.

What I liked about the Jump Manual

I liked how the Jump Manual includes the 9 variables of a vertical jump…

These variables are Strength, Quickness, Muscle Recruitment, Flexibility, Body Composition, Form, Balance, Nutrition, and Genetics.

No other program approaches a vertical jump in such detail.

Being made by Jacob Hiller, a 10+ veteran in vertical training that has trained athletes in over 65+ countries, I guess it should come to no surprise.

When it comes to the exercises, this jump program hits all the main training groups to increase your vertical…

Lower body strength training, plyometric training, core training, and stretching…

Following these 4 training areas, you will be less prone to injury and will be jumping out of the gym.

There is no question that this vertical training program is one of the best in the game…

You just must be willing to dedicate the effort and time.

What I didn’t Like About The Jump Manual

There wasn’t much that I didn’t like about this vertical jump program, but there were a few things that can not be ignored.

The main issue I have with this program is that the video quality needs to be updated….

You can tell that this jump program was made in 2008, but even with it not being updated, the program is still very effective and pretty easy to follow along with the videos.

Another issue that I have is that this program is not beginner-friendly…

Let me say that again, not beginner-friendly!

Since you need weights to get the most out of this program, there is an increased risk of injury.

Not only is there an increased risk of injury with weight training, but you will need to have access to a gym, and not everyone has that access.

There is an option to do the workouts without weights with a variation of the exercises, but you will not get the same results as with the weights.

The last issue that I have with the Jump Manual is that it has a very demanding workout routine…

This is good and bad, good because you will get the results if you follow it correctly and have the dedication to get through the whole thing.

Bad because this program is not for everyone if you already have a demanding schedule. This program will be hard to fit into your already busy schedule.

Who Should Buy Jump Manual?

The serious athlete that wants to increase their vertical by at least 10 inches…

But, also has the time to dedicate to a hard workout at least 5 times a week.

Every single day you will be doing something, even the Jump Manual rest days it will have you do some stretching exercises to be ready for the next day.

If you are the person that doesn’t mind following videos that shows it’s age because they were made in 2008…

If you can check all these boxes off…

Positive you know you can take this program head on, I say go for it.

3. BoingVert: Three Affordable Options

BoingVert barely made this list because it does not compare to the two jump programs above…

But, BoingVert is unique in that it allows you to choose between three different options within the program all at different price points.

This vertical jump program has been endorsed by multiple athletes in multiple sports as well as professional dunkers.

For good reason, it gets results and has over 50 exercises.

Having the option to choose what program is right for you is unheard of in the jump program space, usually, a jump program has one strategy but not BoingVert.

The three programs are made for different players and how they prefer to train.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these options…

If you want a more in-depth view of BoingVert you can check out my review here.

BoingVert Animal: Option #1

The animal is a 16-week, 6-phase program that is priced at $17. Making this vertical training much cheaper than the other two programs.

With BoingVert Animal you do not need weights at all, just like Vert Shock. Plyometrics is the focus of this option.

The average gain for BoingVert is 10.3″ inches, which I believe it is a little high for this particular program.

Before starting you need to read a 32-page e-book that is given to you when you purchase, you want to read this before starting to watch the workout videos.

The program is broken down into 6 sections:

  • General Body Preparation
  • Jump Mastery
  • Force Absorption
  • Jump Acceleration
  • Reactive Emphasis
  • Jump Mastery Part 2

To learn more about each phase click here to go to our full-detailed review.

BoingVert Method X: Option #2

Method X is the newest version of the BoingVert family.

What makes this different from the Animal option is that you need dumbbells for this option.

I think this is a unique approach because dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises, even when it comes to vertical training.

Method X builds upon the Animal option, which is part of the reason when you buy Method X you get Animal with it.

The Method X option is already 12 weeks long, and the Animal is 16 weeks long. Making this a 28-week program.

It will be actually longer because the creators suggest taking a 2-3 week break before starting another option, making Method X more of a 30-week training program.

BoingVert Method X will cost you $23…

But that is not bad when you get two jump programs.

BoingVert Savage: Option #3

The most expensive of the three options cost you $27.

Savage is a 12-week program that also includes Animal, just like Method X.

Meaning you will run into a problem with this training being 30 weeks long or longer.

What makes BoingVert Savage different from the other two options is that a weight room is needed.

If you do not have easy access to a weight room, then this option is not for you.

The Savage option is broken down into 4 phases…

  • Adaptation And Activation
  • General Strength
  • Max Strength And Power
  • Max Power

If you want to know more about each phase check out my full review of BoingVert here.

This option focuses heavily on weight-lifting, if you are a beginner I would advise against this option unless you have a personal coach.

What Do You Get With Boingvert

BoingVert is not a vertical jump program that comes with a ton of extra content.

Actually, you only get a view of things of value besides the exercise program itself.

These bonuses are as follows:

  • BoingMind (All Three Options)
  • BoingDiet (All Three Options)
  • BoingSwish (All Three Options)
  • BoingBreath (All Three Options)
  • BoingSecrets (All Three Options)
  • BoingFlex (Only Method X & Savage Options)
  • BoingCore (Only Method X & Savage Options)
  • BoingCold (Only Method X & Savage Options)
  • BoingDGT (Only Method X & Savage Options)
  • BoingDesk (Only Method X & Savage Options)
  • BoingForm (Only Method X & Savage Options)
  • BoingSpeedy (Only Method X & Savage Options)

Most of these are benefits that you get from going through the jump program.

Some of these are fillers to make the program more robust than it actually is, like BoingBreath and BoingMind.

Two extras that I really like are the BoingDesk, which is an exercise you can do while sitting at work or at home.

And BoingDiet is a diet plan to help you get the most out of the program.

Nutrition is important for recovery and energy…

Remember food is fuel.

What I Liked About BoingVert

I really liked how BoingVert gives you three different options that are truly different from one another, you can tell the team worked hard.

Also, the results that come from this jump program are truly amazing, even tho there are some mixed reviews, BoingVert does really work.

BoingVert comes with a ton of information, with over 50 exercise videos.

But, one of the main selling points is the price, this vertical training program is the cheapest program that gives consistent results.

BoingVert is proven to work because it was tested by Athletes of all experience levels…

which makes me believe that BoingVert could be for anyone who does not have that much money.

What I Did Not Like About BoingVert

One of the main things that I did not like about the jump program was that it was very time-consuming…

Even with just the Animal version, it is still 12 weeks long, and that does not include the other options.

When getting the Method X and Savage option the program turns into 30 weeks long with a 2-week break (Which is needed).

If choosing the Animal option the 32-page e-book is too much for my taste…

I think the creators were lazy and took the easy way out,

They should have made a video of the information with the book and supplied the e-book as extra material.

When going on the site it can be confusing to navigate because of the different options and the layout.

The website feels too rushed and not regularly updated.

Who Should Buy BoingVert?

There is a reason why BoingVert is last on this list.

This vertical jump training is for the player or athlete that does not have that much money to spare.

The price difference between the three options is not drastic, only $17 from the cheapest to the most expensive.

If you do not like weights or are a beginner I would go with the Animal option because the chance of injury is almost 0% because the option does not need weights.

But on the other hand, if you like working out with weights and don’t have that much money to spend I would go with the Savage option because you will get better results and it is only $27.

If I can be honest with you I would save up some money or sacrifice a few cups of coffee to be able to afford Vert Shock or Jump Manual.

Best Vertical Jump Programs Recap

That’s my top three vertical jump training programs in the game today, Vert Shock, Jump Manual, and BoingVert…

No matter what program you decide to go with between these three, you cannot go wrong…

Just follow the programs exactly how they are laid out, and you will be dunking like you always dreamed of.

Comparing these three programs against each other, I would have to give Vert Shock the slight edge over Jump Manual and a huge advantage over BoingVert because it is only 8-weeks long, more beginner-friendly, does not require weights, and the results are insane.

Personally, I went through the Vert Shock program and gained a total of 11 inches in my vertical…

And I was the un-athletic guy that couldn’t even touch the rim…

Honestly, I barely even got halfway up the net sometimes. It is embarrassing to admit how small my vertical was, but now looking at my vertical, I am in a whole new world.

Hopefully, this article helped you decide which program might be right for you to learn how to jump higher in basketball, whichever one you choose. Just take action so you can start dunking on demand and become someone who has the highest vertical in the NBA!


Do Vertical Jump Programs Work?

All three of the vertical jump programs mentioned have brought constant results to many athletes at all levels. Most people have had better results with Vert Shock with a small portion having better results with Jump Manual. I also recommend reading these great vertical jumping books as well.

Which Vertical Jump Training Should I Choose?

We suggest going with Vert Shock because it gives constant results and you do not need a weight room, but if you like training with weights then you will be happier with Jump Manual. Both programs have the potential to give massive gains to your vertical jump.

What Is The Best Way To Increase Your Vertical Jump?

The best way to ensure that you increase your vertical jump is to join one of the vertical training programs mentioned. Jump Training Programs are the fastest way to achieve proven results for your vertical.

What Muscles Help Vertical Jump?

Vertical jump uses a variety of muscles that include the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. It also recruits the muscles in your core and upper body for power and stabilization. When working on your lower body, you need to focus on training your fast-twitch muscles.