Vert Shock Vs Jump Manual: Best Vertical Jump Training Program 2023

Last Updated on: 29th April 2024, 10:19 pm

Vert Shock Vs Jump Manual, which one is better.

Everyone wants to play above the rim, but increasing your vertical can be a difficult journey to tackle…

Most athletes can never reach the point where they can significantly improve their vertical jump.

To be honest, trying to achieve a high vertical on your own can be challenging and almost impossible due to the lack of knowledge.

You need guidance, and this is why I will be comparing vertical jump programs in the game. Vert Shock vs. Jump Manual…

These two jump programs have been dominating the market ever since they were released and for a good reason too…

Let’s take a quick comparison look at these two programs:

Feature/AspectVert ShockJump Manual
CreatorsAdam Folker (former D1 basketball player) and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington (world’s best dunker with a 50.1” vert)Jacob Hiller (40”+ vertical, trained athletes globally)
WorkoutsFocuses on shock workouts using body weight. No weights needed. 8 weeks long.Requires weights, focuses on power in legs. 12 weeks long, 7 days a week.
ResultsClaims to increase vertical by 9 to 15 inches in 8 weeks.Promises at least a 10-inch increase in vertical.
Bonus ContentComes with 11 bonuses, including the “Jump Like Justin System”.Offers a nutrition guide, personalized coaching (free for 14 days), and tips & tricks.
Price$67 USD (Get It Here!)$97 USD (Get It Here!)
SuitabilitySuitable for beginners and experts. No gym required.Requires experience with weights or a personal trainer. Needs gym access.
Duration8 weeks12 weeks
Video QualityVisually appealing and engaging.Older videos (from 2008), showing its age.
TestimonialsNumerous testimonials claiming significant vertical increase.Many success stories globally.
Risk of InjuryLower risk due to bodyweight exercises.Higher risk due to weight exercises.
Overall RecommendationDeclared as the best vertical jump training program of 2023 by Basketball Mentality.Revered as one of the top-selling vertical jump training programs.

In this article, you will find out which vertical jump program takes the crown for the best vertical jump training program and what program is right for you.

We will break the jump programs down into sections, these sections will consist of the creators of the program, jump program workouts, The results you can expect, bonus content when purchasing the jump programs, and the pricing of each vertical jump program…

Then we will put these two proven vertical jump training programs head to head to find out once and for all which one is better…

Vert Shock

Vert Shock

A visually appealing program that focuses on shock workouts, so there are no weights needed, making it an interesting concept for the everyday athlete and average Joe alike…

Vert Shock boldly promises to increase your vertical by 9 to 15 inches in 8 weeks, which sounds impossible, but it is not…

If you want to see my full review and personal experience with Vert Shock, you can click here.

Used by athletes all over the world at different levels, there is no doubt that you will be playing at or above the rim after this jump program.

Creators of Vert Shock

Adam Folker created Vert Shock, he is a former D1 basketball player who played at The University of California Irvine, and then went on to play pro basketball in Europe.

With his 32” inch vertical and basketball experience, Adam is more than qualified, his research for Vert Shock took him 5 and a half years to complete.

Adam may be the brains behind this jump program, but he also had help from one of the world’s best dunkers…

Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington helped Adam, Justin, has a 50.1” inch vert, which helped him achieve the title of the highest dunker in the world…

This guy’s highlight reel is insane.

As you can see, there are some big names behind Vert Shock, which can be accredited to its success.

Check out our full Vert Shock review here too.

Vert Shock Workouts

Vert Shock relies on shock workouts, meaning that the only weights you will ever need are your own body…

I personally like this idea because you do not have any extra gear weighing your down during basketball games like football…

Another idea is that you never see anyone try to dunk with dumbbells in their hands.

A positive side of not needing weights is that you do not have the stress of trying to find and get access to a weight room or gym.

Lifting weights can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing; this will increase your risk of injury.

Not needing weights makes this program great for beginners and experts alike.

The workout videos are visually appealing and easy to follow…

Adam does a great job of breaking down each workout, so you know exactly what to do…

Honestly, it was a pleasure to watch, and the videos made me feel engaged.

The only downfall was that the videos could not be downloaded, so you will have to be connected to the internet to watch the videos. This makes it difficult for wanting to do workouts at a park unless you watch the videos beforehand.

Vert Shock is only 8 weeks long, which is not bad for increasing your vertical by at least 9 inches…

Most programs are at least 12 weeks long and you will only get half the results you will get with Vert Shock.

The Vert Shock workouts will test you, but they are doable….

Just you have to remember to give maximum effort every day and every rep for every set…

There is no doubt that this jump program takes dedication, but if you are really to endure it for 8 weeks, you will reap the benefits.

VertShock Banner 2

Vert Shock Results

Do players ask does Vert Shock Really work?

Let me tell you the results from this program are insane to be only 8 weeks of training…

I can say that Vert Shock lives up to the claim of increasing your vertical by 9 to 15 inches in this short amount of time…

If you want to see what the Vert Shock program did for me, you can check my personal experience out here.

There are countless testimonies from customers that are increasing their verticals to amounts they only dreamed of…

There are some customers even claiming that Vert Shock helped them increase their vertical by 17” inches…

There is no doubt that this program has worked for countless athletes around the world…

Elevating their game to new heights, where they can dunk on-demand and dominate their opponents.

Going through this program has not only increased players’ vertical but has made them quicker off their feet, better rebounders,s and overall better players…

Vert Shock Bonus Content

First, the big bonus is that Vert Shock has a 60-Day Money back guarantee if you are not happy you can get a full refund…

The cool thing about this money-back guarantee is that it lasts the entire length of the program since the program is only 8 weeks long.

Something that makes Vert Shock really unique is that it comes with a total of 11 bonuses …

Also, for a limited time, it comes with an exclusive bonus the “Jump Like Justin System”, which by itself is $97 USD, but for an imitated time it is free with Vert Shock…

“Jump As Justin System” focuses on your jumping technique so you can get the most out of your vertical…

You can combine these workouts with the Vert Shock workouts to maximize your vertical with the jump program.

The rest of the bonuses are as follows…

  1. The Vert Shock Maintenance Program
  2. Weekly Check-ins
  3. “The 4 Vertical Jump Killers”
  4. “The 5 Dirty Secrets to Jump Higher”
  5. “The jump higher list Checklist”
  6. “NBA Jump Secrets Revealed”
  7. “The Power Leak Fix for Overnight Hops”
  8. “Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed”
  9. “The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher”
  10. “The Dunk Now Visualization Workout”
  11. “The Vert Shock Vert Tracker Workbook”

My favorite from this list is the Vert Shock Maintenance program which, helps you not lose any gains that you got from the program and The 4 vertical jump killers which, explain what habits kill your vertical and how to stop doing them.

VertShock Banner 3

What Is The Vert Shock Price?

Vert Shock is cheap, considering what you get with the program…

Costing only $67 USD, Vert Shock is clearly the most bang for your buck when it comes to vertical jump programs.

No other program comes with 11 bonuses and, for a limited time, a free jump program too (Jump Like Justin System).

A good pair of basketball shoes is at least cost around $100 USD brand new, and Vert Shock is cheaper than that…

Vert Shock is an investment in yourself to reach the vertical that you always dreamed of.

Jump Manual

Jump Manual is one of the oldest and top-selling vertical jump training programs in the game…

It has been revered as the best jump program for many years because of the success stories from all over the globe that has arisen from this program.

The Jump Manual promises to increase your vertical by at least 10” inches…

Which is pretty ambushes, even for a 12-week long program.

But athletes are still pouring in testimonials saying how well this program worked for them and increased their vertical to insane heights.

Creator of Jump Manual

Jacob Hiller created the Jump Manual, Jacob, has a 40”+ vertical himself so he knows a thing or two about playing above the rim and how to get to that level.

Jacob’s qualifications do not stop there, Hiller has trained high school, and college athletes, coaches, NBA players, Olympians, and Professional dunkers in over 65 different countries.

He knows how to train athletes at every level; this experience is part of the reason why the Jump Manual has been effective for so many people.

Jump Manual Workouts

Jump Manual shows its age when it comes to workout videos, which is to be expected because the jump program was created back in 2008…

Even though the video quality should be updated, the methods of this vertical jump program still produce amazing results.

The Jump Manual does require weights because this program has a focus on increasing the power in your legs…

By having weights, this program is not beginner-friendly, and if you are just getting into jumping or basketball, I would look somewhere else.

Just remember that when weights are involved in any jump program, there is an increased risk of injury, which can delay the results of the program.

With that being said, variations are shown for each workout that does not include weights, but you will not get the full effect of the Jump Manual by doing these variations.

The Jump Manual workouts are harder than most vertical Jump programs on the market. This program makes you feel like you are training for the Olympics as a full-time athlete.

This vertical jump program is a full 12-week long program that is 7 days a week…

That’s right there are no off days, your off days are doing stretching exercises to get you ready for the workouts ahead.

I will say that this program will leave you sorer than most other programs on the market.

Jump Manual Results

Even though Jump Manual was made in 2008 and it is showing its age, the content in the program is excellent…

still, today players all around the world are getting fantastic results with this jump program…

Jump Manual makes the promise that you will increase your vertical by at least 10 inches and let me tell you it lives up to that promise.

Jump manual is a program where you have to give 100%, and if you already have a busy schedule, it is probably not going to work.

Even though this program is very demanding, it will give you results.

If you have easy access to weights and have free time in your schedule, Jump Manual can take you vertically to the extreme and have you jumping out of the gym.

No one should ask does the Jump Manual work because the results are in the testimonials.

Jump Manual Bonus Content

Just like Vert Shock, the Jump Manual gives you bonus content along with the program…

Granted, the list is nowhere needed as extensive as Vert Shocks but still has excellent value.

Jump Manual bonuses include

  1. Nutrition guide
  2. Personalized coaching- Free for 14 days and then cancels automatically
  3. Tips and tricks- Learn how to improve your body’s movements

The list is not extreme, but there is still good value here…

I found that players really enjoy the personalized coaching, especially since you can opt in if you want to keep it after the 14-day trial, and if not, you don’t have to worry about canceling it.

On top of these bonuses, The Jump Manual offers a free 60-day money-back guarantee also, if you are not happy with your results then you can get your money back.

Read our full review.

What Is The Jump Manual price?

Jump Manual is the most expensive of these two vertical jump programs costing $97 USD, which makes a $30 USD difference.

The program does not come with that many bonuses like Vert Shock but does come with a free 14-day personalized coaching that is unmatched…

This coaching is priceless and can help you achieve your maximum vertical sooner rather than later.

The Jump Manual cost about as much as a brand-new pair of shoes, but I will tell you one thing…

Brand-new shoes will not make you jump higher, even if it’s the new LeBron’s but Jump Manual will.

Head To Head: Vert shock Vs Jump Manual

I described each vertical jump program, Now which one of these two is better?

I will give you a hint, there is a clear winner between these two jump programs.

Which one will take the crown of the best vertical jump program?

Will it be Vert Shock or will it be Jump Manual?

Let’s find out…

Round 1: Vertical Jump Training Creators

Vert Shock and Jump Manual both have very qualified creators when it comes to the vertical training space.

Adam Folker is a former D1 player and going on to play pro basketball and Europe…

Then you have his partner in crime Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, who has a 50.1” inch vertical…

It’s a dream team for Vert Shock.

While the Jump Manual has Jacob Hiller, who has 10+ years of experience training athletes of all levels with their vertical jump in over 65+ countries.

This was close, but the team Vert Shock has behind their vertical jump program matches up with the team and experience of Jump Manual. I almost gave this win to the Jump Manual but…

Vert Shock took the win because Adam brought in the best dunker in the world Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington and…

To be the best you have to learn from the best.

Winner: Vert Shock

Round 2: Vertical Training Workouts

Vert Shock is visually more appealing with better quality videos…

The videos are easy to follow, and Adam does a great job making you engaged in the workouts.

The added benefit of not needing weights is a huge plus because not everyone has access to a gym, and the use of body weights exercises makes this program more beginner-friendly with less risk of injury than its counterpart Jump Manual.

While the Jump manual videos are stuck in the past, and the training regime makes you feel like a full-time Olympian athlete…

Vert Shock has a better delivery.

Winner: Vert Shock

Round 3: Vertical Training Results

Both Vert Shock and Jump Manual have proven vertical jump training programs with countless testimonials of athletes increasing their verticals to new heights…

Both these programs have athletes increasing their vertical by 9”+ inches.

There is no doubt that no matter what jump program you decide to go with, you will get the results you are looking for.

Winner: Tie

Round 4: Vertical Training Bonus Content

This is the round that has an obvious winner!

Vert Shock has a total of 11 bonuses that come with the training and for a limited time a free vertical training created by Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington

While Jump Manual has really two main ones, a nutrition guide and the 14-day free personalized coaching, which continues the coaching, you will have to pay for after the trial ends if you still want the personalized coaching.

Winner: Vert Shock

Round 5: Vertical Training Price

There is a $30 USD difference between the two vertical Jump Programs…

$30 USD doesn’t seem that big of a deal, but if we take a closer look at what you get for the price of Vert Shock vs. Jump Manual.

Vert Shock is newer and more visually appealing…

Also, with Vert Shock, you get the biggest bang for your buck because it comes with 11 bonuses plus a jump program that is valued at $97 all for free.

The jump Manual price is a little steep for what you get in comparison to Vert Shock. Even though the Jump Manual does come with a free 14-day trial of personalized coaching.

This coaching you will have to pay for this after the 14-days if you wanted to continue it.

Vert Shock’s price of $67 USD beats out Jump Manual price of $97 USD any day of the week.

Winner: Vert Shock  

VertShock Banner

Conclusion: What Is The Best Vertical Jump Training Program Of 2023

This was a close head-to-head battle of the two best vertical training programs in 2021…

Both programs have certified and respected creators in the vertical jumping space…

Both programs have proven results for athletes all over the world, increasing their verticals to heights that they never thought were possible.

Vert Shock was able to edge out the Jump Manual program because of the workout routine in the program, while not needing weights or a gym…

The mind-blowing amount of extra content you get when your purchase Vert Shock is simply unmatched compared to the Jump Manual…

All at a low cost of $67 USD, compared to the Jump Manual’s higher price tag of $97 USD.

Here at Basketball Mentality, we verified and recommend Vert Shock as the #1 vertical jump training program of 2021.

Winner: Vert Shock


Vert Shock: This program, when comparing Vert Shock Vs Jump Manual, is the best in the game and is great for any athlete at any level, focusing on body weight exercises to train the right muscles so you can have the maximum explosion to fly through the air is unmatched compared to any other vertical training program. This program is perfect for anyone who likes the idea of vertical training without weights and does not have excess to a gym.

Jump Manual: A longer jump program and more expensive program, it requires weights to reap the most benefit. Jump Manual will get you the results but this program is not beginner friendly. I suggest that you have a good amount of experience with weights or a personal trainer to help you through the jump program.



We picked Vert Shock to be the best vertical jump program in the game. Vert Shock uses plyometrics requiring no weights which reduces the risk of injury. Out of all the jump programs, we have tried Vert Shock shows the fastest and best result. Jump Manual comes in a close second, this program uses weights. Therefore will need to be approached differently


A 40-inch vertical is an amazing accomplishment for any athlete. Most people can achieve this vertical but it will not come easy. Usually, you will need help from a leading jump program such as Vert Shock or Jump Manual.


You will be able to use Vert Shock at home because it focuses on plyometrics, meaning there are no weights needed. This is one of the many benefits of Vert Shock, it focuses on body weight. While Jump Manual, you will need to have access to a weight room to get the full benefit of the jump program.