Jump Manual Review: Still the Best in 2023?

Jump Manual: A Vertical Jump Training Program

Imagine being on a fast break with no one around, and you rise and slam the ball through the rim…

Dunking is a key part of basketball, and everyone wants to be able to dunk.

In this article, I will give you my honest Jump Manual Review.

The 12-week Jump Manual program has a reputation as being one of the best vertical jump programs in the game.

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Giving you the exact blueprint athletes have used to increase their vertical by 10-20 inches…

Developed in 2008, it shows its age when going through the videos, but results are still coming in from countless athletes.2021

It is hard to argue with the results, and Jump Manual has been recognized in some of the biggest magazines like Fadeaway, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, ESPN, and Men’s Health.

In this Jump Manual Review

Who Created Jump Manual?

Jacob Hiller – Creator of The Jump Manual

Jacob Hiller created the Jump Manual and credited his program for his 40”+ vertical…

Hiller has trained high school and college athletes, coaches, NBA players, Olympians, and Professional dunkers in over 65 countries.

With his 10+ years as a vertical jump and quickness trainer, this level of training makes Jacob Hiller more than qualified.

Still curious about the creator of the Jump Manual?

He did an interview with ESPN that you can check out here.

The 9 Variables to Increase Your Vertical Jump

When you think of any program that involves increasing your vertical, the sport that comes to mind is basketball…

Most people looking to improve their vertical are basketball players, which is true…


Jump Manual is for Football players, Volleyball players, soccer, and every sport that involves jumping.

A high vertical can help many players across different sports.

Does The Jacob Hiller Jump Manual Work?

According to multiple Jump Manual reviews and success stories, The Jump Manual is an effective program for increasing your vertical jump. While it may not provide immediate results, it has been shown to work long-term.

The program is comprehensive and covers nine different aspects of vertical jump enhancement. The Jump Manual is a 14-day split workout that can be repeated every 14 days.

Overall, The Jump Manual can be an effective tool for improving their vertical jump.

The Science Behind The Jump Manual

This dunk training program culminates over 15 years of scientific research.

Nothing in this jump program is a theory; everything has been tested and proven to get results.

The key to jumping higher is training your fast-twitch muscle fibers.

The Jump Manual shows you the exact exercises to jump higher.

With the correct exercises, this jump training program also improves your jumping technique…

The proper jumping technique can add 2-6 inches to your vertical.

The 9 Variables to Increase Your Vertical Jump

To increase your vertical, you must hit every one of these variables to reach maximum vertical.

Athletes always ask, How do I increase my vertical?

The answer is simple: you need to be hitting all 9 variables…

Now, let’s go over these variables one by one to give you a better understanding.

1. Strength

Strength focuses on the muscles in your legs to give them power…

The best way to give your leg power is to do strength training…


Not all strength training is right for vertical jumping.

You must train your fast-twitch muscle fibers; these muscles are responsible for how quickly your muscles generate power.

2. Quickness

Quickness is just as important as strength. If you want an explosive jump, your muscles must contract fast.

3. Muscle Recruitment

This is where you are putting in the maximum effort, and this will benefit you.

When you train to recruit your muscle fibers, you will have increased contractile strength…

Which results in a higher vertical leap.

4. Flexibility

Often overlooked, flexibility is essential in jumping for two reasons…

First, you are less prone to injury if your muscles are flexible.

Second, your muscle needs to have a full range of motion to contract completely…

This greater contraction makes for a more powerful one, which results in a higher jump.

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5. Body Composition

Weight plays a massive role in your vertical jump; the heavier you are, the lower your vertical is…

But do not worry if you have a few extra pounds; the program is designed to drop those unwanted pounds to increase your full potential.

A byproduct of this program is you become leaner and more fit.

6. Form

Proper form is essential when jumping for two reasons….

The first is less risk for injury…

And the second is it will increase your vertical.

A correct form alone can increase your vertical by 2-6 inches.

Having a correct form when jumping allows your body to be synchronized, resulting in a higher vertical.

7. Balance

When Jumping, your body must be balanced…

If you jump off-balance, your vertical jump potential is compromised because the force is not distributed correctly to your calves, hamstrings, joints, and other muscle groups needed to jump.

By becoming balanced when jumping, you significantly increase your vertical.

8. Nutrition

Food is fuel…

Diet is an overlooked aspect of vertical training most of the time.

Eating the right foods before and after a workout allows you to recover and gain muscle faster.

By eating the right foods, you can perform at peak levels when taking flight.

9. Genetics

Lastly, genes play an important part in your vertical jump, but not as much as you would think…

Some people have more fast-twitch muscle fibers than others.

The Jump Manual program can train slow-twitch fibers to act like fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Interested in the difference between slow and fast-twitch fibers, click here.

By doing this specialized training, anyone can become an elite dunker.

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What’s Included With the Jump Manual?

This Vertical jump training program is a complete package…

You will need everything to increase your vertical by at least 10” inches.

1. Explosive Workouts

The exact workouts countless athletes are using to increase their vertical by 10-20 inches and the same workouts that Jacob Hiller used to get his vertical up to 40″ inches.

2. Exercise Video Library

Videos demonstrate step-by-step each exercise for easy implementation. There are even non-weight variants of each exercise for those who do not have access to weights. But I would check out the jump program vert shock if you do not have access to weights.

3. Tips and Hacks

Secretes tips and hacks to add inches to your vertical. These tips will allow you to move your body more efficiently to reach your maximum potential on your vertical leap.

4. Nutrition

Food is fuel for your body; Jacob does a fantastic job directing your diet for the most gains. Nutrition is an essential part of the recovery process.

Just know that you might need to make a huge commitment and change your diet drastically to benefit the most from this program.

5. Personalize Coaching

This is a well-put-together jump program; that being said, students of the program will always have a question or need support.

Jump Manual has dedicated coaching to help you personally; they do this by giving your feedback and critique videos of your workout if you decide to send them in.

With this, there is no way you cannot see results. It is important to note that with this feature, you only get 14 days for free; after that, you have to pay $19.99 a month, but to be honest, after the 14 days, you will know if you need it. Note: This is an extra feature and is not needed to purchase Jump Manual.

6. Jump Manual Workout Chart

The Jump Manual includes a workout chart as part of its digital product. Free workout programs are available online that can be used in conjunction with The Jump Manual.

While a specific workout chart cannot be provided without access to The Jump Manual, notes are available online that cover the exercises for the first seven days of the program.

7. 60-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Jacob is so confident in his program that he gives you a full 60-day test to see if the program is right for you. If you are unhappy with the results, you can get your money back with no hassle.

This is not as long as the 90-day guarantee for Vert Shock; if you are curious about that dunk program, click here.

What Workout Can You Expect From The Jump Manual?

There is a variety of workouts that compose the Jump Manual…

These exercises are…

1. Lower Body Strength Training

These include exercises like deadlifts and other heavy weightlifting exercises. These exercises are made to strengthen your legs to have a quick and powerful jump. There are non-weight alternatives, but this will affect your maximum potential with this program.

If you do not have access to weights, I advise you to check out the program Vert Shock; this program focuses on shock workouts that do not require weights.

2. Plyometric Training

This is where your muscle fibers will be tested. Exercises like medicine ball throws will train your muscles so you can have a quick and powerful vertical leap. This type of training strengthens muscle tissues and trains nerves to produce specific muscle contractions for a quick and powerful vertical jump.

3. Core Training

Core training is an essential part of jump training because if you do not have a strong core, you do not have a strong foundation, and your vertical jump will be comprised.

These workouts can be done at home fairly quickly.

4. Stretching

This happens on your rest days…

So, in a sense, you don’t get to rest. These exercises are meant for you to improve your flexibility and improve muscle regeneration,

By doing these exercises, you will be ready to go at 100% for your next workout.

What is the Price Of The Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is not the cheapest program out there…

The cost of this jump training is $97.

I know this can be a little steep for most people, but think as an investment in yourself.

By spending these $97, you guarantee you will be dunking in 12 weeks if you put the work in.

In my opinion, this program is worth the money, but Vert Shock is another amazing jump program that is cheaper at $67.

Is There Any Risk To The Jump Manual?

With any intense jump program, there is risk…

If you are in good biological health, as in joints, tendons, and muscles are healthy, you should have no problem with this dunk training program.

Jacob has used this method to train people 45 years older and older…

Even if you are older or younger, this program will decrease your risk of injury by strengthening your muscles. This increase in strength will make you less prone to injury.

Now, let’s get to the benefits…

What Are The Benefits Of a Jump Manual?

The testimonials speak for themselves…

Students are still pouring in testimonials saying they are increasing their vertical by 10 to 20 inches.

Yes, reaching a 40-inch vertical with this program is possible if you put the work in with maximum effort.

This program will get you there if you want to throw down a tomahawk.

Jump Manual Pros vs. Cons

Every program has pros and cons, and this jump training is no expectation.


1. Results

There is no question that this jump training program is legit; countless testimonials can be read of normal athletes from middle schools to professional athletes.

2. Nutrition Help

This program dives into nutrition, which many jump training programs seem to forget. Nutrition is just as important as workouts; your body needs fuel.

3. Scientifically backed

The program is a combination of over 15 years of scientific research, and it is tested and proven.

4. Personalized

Customize exercises that match your unique jumping style. Every exercise is demonstrated in a video, so you can follow step-by-step at your paste.

5. Coaching

Personalized coaching is available for 14 days at no extra charge. Which can help you jump-start your dunking journey the right way.

6. 60-Day Money-back guarantee

If you are unhappy with your results, a full 60-day money-back guarantee is available. You can ask for a full refund, no questions asked.


1. Demanding Workout Plan

This program feels like you are working out as a full-time athlete. It will take dedication to get through it and get the results. Doing this for 12 weeks can be hard for many people with a busy schedule.

If you do not think you can dedicate the time, you might be better off looking at Vert Shock; it is only 8 weeks long and has just as good results if not better.

2. Gym Equipment Required

You will need access to weights to get the most out of this program. There are variations of these workouts where you do not need weights, but the results for these workouts will be limited.

If you do not have access to weights, you will be better off going with the jump training program Vert Shock, and this jump program requires no weights.

3. Not a beginner Friendly

This program is unsuitable for people just starting to work out or train. I advise you to already be physically active before trying this program; this is because of the weight and amount of time required for this program.

Is This Vertical Training Program Right for You

If you ever asked yourself how can I increase your vertical jump for basketball or any other sport…

You can dedicate a sustainable amount of time to a tough 12-week jump training program and if you have excess weights, then I would say that the Jump Manual is perfect for you…

Jump Manual will give you the desired results if you give the program 100% effort.

The Jump Manual is one of the most complete jump training programs on the market…

If you do not have to assess to weights or even the time to dedicate a full 12 weeks to a program, then I would recommend Vert Shock…

It is less demanding by being only 8 weeks long, you do not need weights during the jump program, and you get 12 bonuses…

These bonuses included a nutrition guide, weekly check-ins, and a maintenance program…

Also, for a limited time, Justin ‘jus Fly’ Darlington is giving away his jump training program free with Vert Shock…

I did a full review of Vert Shock; if you are interested, you can check it out here.

Vert Shock is just as complete a jump training as the Jump Manual, if not more complete.

That is it for now…

Hopefully, this Jump Manual review motivated you to start taking steps to reach your dream of dunking

Happy dunking!

Jump Manual PDF Free

I know that committing to a 12-week program can be hard, especially when it is $97…

That is why we are giving you a free PDF of the Jump Manual so you can read it and see if you are ready to take the leap and get it.

I am giving you the most complete vertical jump program PDF that you will find.

This PDF is a step-by-step guide on how to increase your vertical in 45 minutes.

In this PDF, you will get…

  • Right types of shoes to wear
  • Warm-up routine
  • Stretching techniques
  • Jumping technique
  • Mentality needed to dunk

My goal is to inform you and hopefully motivate you to take the next step in your dunking journey so you can finally achieve your goal of slamming the ball through the rim.


Can I do Jump Manual during the season?

It is possible to do The Jump Manual during the season, but it is important to be cautious and adjust the program accordingly. It is recommended to stop all box jumping three days before competition and to cut back on weight training. 

Does Jump Manual work?

Jump Manual is one of the best Vertical Jump Training in the game. If you want to add massive gains to your vertical and you have access to a weight room, I say give this jump training a shot.

Is the Jump Manual for beginners?

Due to the focus on weight training for this vertical training program, I suggest you stay away from Jump Manual if you are a beginner. It would be best to go with a more beginner-friendly training such as Vert Shock to increase your vertical.

Will the Jump Manual allow me to dunk finally?

The Jump Manual is one of basketball’s top vertical training programs. With hard work and dedication to the program, you can dunk without any problems.

How does it compare to Vert Shock?

Read our full article on Jump Manual vs Vert Shock here.