BoingVert Review 2023: An Honest Look At The Vertical Jump Training Program

Last Updated on: 29th April 2024, 10:02 pm

As kids, we all wanted to slam dunk on a basketball goal. This was the main focus of highlight reels for every great basketball player. From the simplest of dunks to the show-stopping one-of-a-kind dunks, being able to dunk was always the goal for most basketball players. The reality is that most players do not get there without help.

BoingVert Review

With a regulation-size basketball hoop being 10 feet high, achieving this feat usually meant years of training. Not to mention specific exercises to help improve your overall jump height for easier dunks. If you have ever researched how you can improve your jump height, you have probably seen the many talks of different exercise programs, shoes, and even socks that experts swear by to allow you to jump higher.

A popular jump system program on the market is BoingVert. In a nutshell, BoingVert claims to add 12 inches of jump height in as little as 12 weeks. Today, we are going to look at exactly what BoingVert is and if it is actually worth the investment in this BoingVert Review.

What Is BoingVert?

BoingVert is a product designed to improve your vertical jump. This product is a 12-week vertical training program that is advertised to add up to 12 inches to your jump height.

BoingVert is a tested performance product that is claimed to be clinically engineered to drastically improve your jumping skills, help to increase landing absorption up to 8x your body weight, and jump to maximum force development to 600-800 milliseconds. This product was tested on athletes of all levels and is well-endorsed by professional dunkers.

BoingVert is fully staffed with university-associated research and top athletes/trainers from the NFL, NBA, NCAA, NSCA, and other accredited organizations. Just one of the over 50 exercises that are found in this program can dramatically increase vertical, total transfer time, and speed.

It is also made to protect athletes from injury by slowly working your way up to increase your maximum jump height.

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BoingVert Jump program will include the following sections (Depending on What Option Is Purchased)

  • BoingMind – Dillon Freed is going to help you start and FINISH BoingVERT (No Value)
  • BoingSwish – States to increase shooting percentage by changing where you look when you shoot. (No Value)
  • BoingFlex – BoingFlex is a series of stretches that will help you warm up and get “Loose like a Noodle.” This is key in ensuring you are jumping your highest and preventing injuries.
  • BoingSecrets – Dunkers tip to add a few extra inches to your vertical.
  • BoingSpeedy – Teaches the speed on approach.
  • BoingCold –  Teaches the health benefits of using cold to recover.
  • BoingBreath – Learn how to hold your breath for up to 3 to 5 minutes (No Value)
  • Boingform & Landing – Dunking is not just about how high you can jump, but how to land safely without injury. BoingFrom & Landing can ensure that you are using proper techniques when jumping and landing.
  • BoingCore – An overlooked area for most basketball players is the core. Your core plays a vital role in balance and stability.
  • BoingDGT – The DGT in BoingDGT stands for Don’t Get Tired”. This section consists of a very intense cardio workout that will give you enough energy to finish the game.
  • BoingDesk – For those who want a quick workout at your desk, BoingDesk shows you ways to work out your ankles to add inches to your vertical.
  • BoingDiet – Last but not least is BoingDiet, a nutritional plan that gives you a proper diet to keep you as healthy as possible. Diet plays a vital role in recovery, so you can prepare for the next workout.

This may look like a ton of content you get when you purchase BoingVert but in reality, a lot of is just fillers. For example, BoingMind has NO value once so ever. I feel like the creators are trying to oversell an average jump program. If you want a jump program that gives the most bang for your buck, you should check out Vert Shock.

Who Created Boing Vert?

BoingVert was created by two highly trained and credible professionals in the vertical jumping space:

1. Shawn Myszka

Shawn Myszka

Shawn Myszka (MS, PES, CSCS*D), is a well-known name in the vertical jumping community. Having trained the top athletes in Minnesota, he knows how to get results when it comes to increasing vertical jump.

Myszka is the Pro Performance Director and founder of Explosive Edge Athletics in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is where he works with the top athletes to improve their performance. While he is a former competitive bodybuilder specializing in power development, he is no stranger to hard work and dedication.

2. Kelley Bagget

Kelley Bagget

Kelley Bagget is not a newbie when it comes to creating vertical jump programs. Kelly also is credited with creating the jump program called The Vertical Jump Bible, it may be outdated, but it opened the doors for the top vertical jump programs today.

He has been training and researching vertical training techniques for over a decade. Kelley helped create the Animal program of BoingVert, which is the cheapest option. This gives me confidence in the Animal option because Kelly is a certified trainer who has a lot of experience with strength training.

How Much Does BoingVert Cost?

One of the biggest questions surrounding BoingVert is the cost of the program. With BoingVert, you can choose between three programs at three different price points to fit any budget. Each program will have its own theme and its own set of BoingVert exercises. Let’s look at each option to give you a better idea of what to expect.

1. BoinVert Animal – No Weights Needed

The first and cheapest option will be Animal, a 16-week, 6-phase program. Priced at $17, this will be the most affordable option, with average gains of 10.3 inches. The animal is advertised as a no-weights needed type of program, just like Vert Shock, so this is best for those who do not have weights at home or easy access to a weight room.

There are a few benefits when it comes to not using weights in a jump program. These benefits are that the vertical jump program is more beginner friendly and you have a decreased risk of getting injured if no weights are involved.

Before starting you need to read a 32-page ebook that is given to you when you purchase. I am not a big fan of this, I feel like they should have made videos for this.

The ebook will give you cool theories such as working out key muscle groups, stretching your muscles, and jumping and landing with the correct technique. This is a nice addition because most athletes do not think about these aspects of vertical jumping.

With Animal, you also get:

  • BoingMind
  • BoingDiet
  • BoingSwish
  • BoingBreath
  • BoingSecrets
  • BoingFlex

Focused on plyometrics you do not need weights to complete this program. The Animal is made up of six phases altogether, each lasting 2-3 weeks long. A breakdown of these phases is below…

Animal Day 1 Preview

1. General Body Preparation

This is like the pre-workout phase. You will be getting your body ready for the exercises in the coming weeks. This phase focuses on improving stability and strength to prepare for the stress that your body will have to handle. This phase is crucial for safety and injury prevention.

2. Jump Mastery

This part is all about synergy and coordination between your muscles. By doing this, you will optimize your jumping to the next level. Having synergy will allow your body to move in one fluid motion. You can see big improvements in this stage, especially if you are not a fluent jumper.

3. Force Absorption

This phase focuses on the force that jumping creates. By improving your bio-mechanics of jumping, you can use this force to jump even higher. This is something that jumpers and basketball players typically neglect in their vertical training.

4. Jump Acceleration

The fourth phase focuses on fast-twitch muscles. These muscles are responsible for quick and explosive movements. The stronger these muscles are, the quicker and higher you will jump. This phase builds upon phases 2 and 3, for maximum results in your vertical jump.

5. Reactive Emphasis

The fifth phase is the most challenging phase of them all. It will focus on your ability to start, stop, and change direction while jumping. Building strength with intense plyometrics workouts, this phase will push you to your limits but in the end, it will make you a better all-around basketball player. Since the change of direction is an important skill in basketball.

6. Jump Mastery Part 2

The final phase is similar to phase 2 in that it will help you improve your jumping technique and coordination. This will help solidify the gains you made in the past weeks while ensuring your gains are not hindered by a bad jumping form. A very nice way to end a vertical jump program

If you’re looking for Vertical Jump Development Bible Review, read the guide on this link.

2. BoinVert Method X – Dumbells Needed

The second and newest edition with a mid-range price option will be Method X, created at Harvard University by experienced basketball players. It is a 12-week program with Animals included that will cost $23. This is more of an experimental option for the BoingVert team. It builds upon the Animal options and adds extra weight training that uses dumbbells.

Since Dumbbells are needed for this program, you must ensure you have them before starting the Method X option. With the Animal option being included, this makes an extremely long program because you would want to do one at a time. This turns the jump program into 28 weeks long. With the Method X option, you get the following:

  • BoingMind
  • BoingDiet
  • BoingSwish
  • BoingBreath
  • BoingSecrets
  • BoingFlex
  • BoingCore
  • BoingCold
  • BoingDGT
  • BoingDesk
  • BoingForm
  • BoingSpeedy
  • Boingvert Animal

3. BoinVert Savage – Weightroom Version

Last on the list is going to be BoingVert Savage. Savage is another 12-week program priced at $27 and includes Animal. The Animal workout plan with the Savage option also makes for a 28-week jump program, which is too long.

You will need weights to complete the exercise included with this option, so a variety of weights or access to a weight room will be needed. This is going to be the highest level of BoingVert you can purchase.

You will get the most out of BoingVert with this option but a fully equipped weight room is needed to complete all the BoingVert workouts. With the Savage option, you get the following:

  • BoingMind
  • BoingDiet
  • BoingSwish
  • BoingBreath
  • BoingSecrets
  • BoingFlex
  • BoingCore
  • BoingCold
  • BoingDGT
  • BoingDesk
  • BoingForm
  • BoingSpeedy
  • Boingvert Animal
BoingVert Savage Review
The background is black so it will be hard to print unless you have a TON of black ink!

Phase 1: Adaptation and Activation

This phase is to help you transition into the rigorous weight training that is in future phases. By doing this, BoingVert reduces the risk of injury during the tough parts of the program

Phase 2: General Strength

During the second phase, you will build the foundation of basic weight training. Pay attention at this stage so you can prepare for the next one.

Phase 3: Max Strength and Power

The most challenging phase of the program, but this is where most of the gains are made. You will be focusing on maximum strength and power workouts. The jump program does this by focusing on high-weight-low reps during training.

Phase 4: Max Power

In the final phase, you will focus on training your fast-twitch muscle fibers. You will do this by doing more quick and explosive moments.

During this phase, you will see all your hard work from the past phases pay off.

Note: If you know little about weight-lifting, follow the instructional videos. They are clear and easy to follow. Here is a preview of the type of videos.

BoingVert Pros & Cons

There is a lot to take in with the BoingVert program, from the three different options to the confusing website. To help sum things up with BoingVert, I have made a quick list of pros and cons to make it much easier.


  • Can Help Teach You How To Increase Your Vertical
    • There is no doubt that this program can help you learn how to jump higher to achieve your goal of dunking.
    • The combination of stretches and workouts helps you build a better body while allowing you to jump higher without injury.
  • Relatively Cheap
    • One of the main reasons that people tend to go with BoingVert is the low price point.
    • Ranging from $17-$27, you can’t deny that it is one of the cheapest programs on the market. (Cheaper does not always mean better)
  • Tried and True Methods Tested By Athletes
    • BoingVert claims its programs are built and tested by athletes of all ranks.
    • This can help to build workouts that will be geared toward real-world scenarios.
  • Lots Of Information Included
    • Each program has its own set of phases that are built to determine pre-specified goals.
    • There are over 50 exercises included with each program.


  • Does Not Seem Very Professional
    • Visiting their site once will help you better understand why I made this one of the first cons.
    • The site seems like it was built by someone inexperienced and not optimized to help sell the program.
  • The site Seems Very Incomplete & Amateur
    • The site seems like it is not complete or is a work in progress.
    • It feels like it was thrown together at the last minute and forgotten.
  • Time-consuming
    • When getting the Method X and the Savage option, the program is 28 weeks long because Animal is included. That is 7 months of vertical training, which is way too long compared to other programs.
    • The amount of time you have to spend means you can not play basketball while training. This program makes it almost impossible to do during the season.
  • Not The Best Reviews Across The Web
    • The most serious con must be the less-than-stellar reviews on the internet.
    • After researching a little, I found an equal amount of good and bad reviews. The majority of reviews should be good with a vertical jump program.
VertShock Banner 3


The biggest complaints I found were that the BoingVert program was incomplete and did not mesh well with the regular schedules of most athletes. Also, when getting the 2 higher-tier options, the program is 28 weeks long. BoingVert creators recommend taking a 3-4 weeks break between the programs, too, which makes the training much longer.

Another problematic trend I found was many other blogs asking whether BoingVert was worth the investment. This is troublesome because BoingVert is one of the cheapest jump programs in the game.

So if players and athletes alike ask if a $17 to $27 investment is worth it, it is most likely not. Beyond this, it is hard to find reviews not from the BoingVert site.

Beyond my personal views of the BoingVert jump training program, athletes have achieved great results regularly. Check the reviews below…

Boinvert Review

And this one…

BoingVert Testimonial

Reviews like these make you feel that the program works, but I feel like the results are not as common with this program as other jump programs such as Vert Shock and Jump Manual.

BoingVert Safe For Kids?

There are a ton of heavy lifting exercises when it comes to this jump program. Even the vertical training program creators say you should be at least 15 to start this program.

Even at 15, I would be hesitant to start this program due to the sheer amount of weight involved. There is a big debate about heavy weight lifting stunting kids’ and teens’ growth.

I would check out the Vert Shock program if you want a safe program for kids. If your kid is 12 and younger, check out Vert Shock, it is geared toward younger athletes.

Vert Shock is a proven jump program that uses no weights and has been proven to get results for kids on and off the court.

BoingVert Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Is BoingVert a Scam? I can say for 100% that BoingVert is legit…

But another vital question is…

Does the BoingVert jump system work?

And if it does, then is the jump program worth the investment? While the cost makes it very affordable, there are some things to remember.

With the worldwide web being as vast as it is, many free sites can help you work on your vertical. YouTube is a great source to help you create a workout plan that fits your schedule.

Since the internet is home to millions of people, it is quite easy to find all the workouts, stretches, and tips for this program if you look hard enough. While spending the money and getting it all in one go can be convenient, a simple Google search could result in finding this program’s ins and outs.

Lastly, I am not sold on this program due to the website structure and the workouts inside the training. After looking at the outline of this jump program’s core workouts, I feel you are paying for simple workout structures that anyone can build.

I understand this is how this industry works, but for most basketball players, similar workouts can be found on YouTube to be just as effective.

Overall, I like what BoingVert tried to accomplish. Giving three different options for a vertical Jump Program at affordable prices. The execution fails to meet the standards of even the average recreational baller.

So you may ask yourself, what now? There are a lot of programs out there, just like BoingVert, that can just as easily be found on YouTube. On the other hand, there is a handful of great programs that could get you to jump out of the gym.

I approve of the BoingVert jump program, but there is still much to improve. I only say get this program if you have limited money and do not have the time to collect videos from YouTube. But if you are willing to spend a little more, I suggest looking at one of the elite vertical jump training programs discussed below.

The best vertical jump program in the game is Vert Shock. I went through the program and did a detailed review. You can see my review and results here. Vert Shock is best for people who do not have access to weights or dislike working out with weights.

If you like working out with weights, I suggest going with the Jump Manual because this program relies heavily on weight training for results. Just be careful with this jump program because it is not for beginners and is not as complete as Vert Shock. If you want to check out my review of the Jump Manual, you can here. You can also see our comparison of Jump Manual vs Vert Shock here.



BoingVert is a vertical training program that promises to increase your vertical drastically. There are three options: Animal is weight-free, focusing on plyometrics. Savage is more weight room-focused, and Method X uses dumbbells and plyometrics.


BoingVert has three options, all of which are affordable, The prices are below: Animal- $17 Method X- $23 Savage-$27


BoingVert is one of the cheaper jump programs on the market, but it still gets results. There is still a lot to be desired with BoingVert when comparing it against other jump programs, but for the price of BoingVert, you can not complain.