Air Alert Jump Program & Workout Review: Why You Shouldn’t Buy In 2023

Air Alert Review

Imagine having your head at eye level with the rim before throwing a monster dunk down…

Being able to jump this high is an ability, not me players have…

To achieve this level of vertical leap, most players look towards vertical training programs.

Air Alert is one jump program that is a common name in the vertical training space, but does that mean is it a good choice?

In this Air Alert review, I will break down why the Air Alert vertical jump program is a horrible choice and what you should get instead.

If you want to add at least 9” inches to your vertical to become a dunking beast, I’d recommend checking out Vert Shock.

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What is Air Alert?

This vertical training program has been around for a long time…

It is the grandfather for the more effective vertical training programs today, like Vert Shock and Jump Manual.

Since it has been in the vertical training game for so long, there is a lot of contradicting information about the jump program…

We need to fix this and tell you what Air Alert is and why you should stay away.

Air Alert can be dangerous and constantly gives a lack of results for athletes who try the jump program.

The Creator Of Air Alert

Timur Tukel is credited with the creation of Air Alert, introduced back in 1991; you can say that this vertical training is going to be a little outdated.

Air Alert has expanded into four editions since 1991, and they are all as bad as the one before it.

To try to persuade athletes to purchase Air Alert Tukel, we started to offer Court Controller Dribbling Mask.

These are used to help players improve their ball-handling skills; below is a video to explain them…

But let me warn you, from first-hand experience, these do not work and are just a cheap gimmick…

Tukel even had NBA players Larry Hughes and Baron Davis support Air Alert, but it is safe to say they did it for the money…

No way that these two NBA players who had access to the best training in the world would endorse a program like this.

The Air Alert vertical jump program promises to add at least 8” inches to your vertical over 15 weeks…

This sounds great, right?

But when you actually take a deep dive into the program, you will see this will not happen…

You will be lucky to gain 2 inches on your vertical.

Does Air Alert Work?

According to multiple Air Alert reviews, including one from the program’s official website, Air Alert is not an effective program for increasing your vertical jump. Some reviews even go as far as to say that Air Alert is not only ineffective but can also be harmful to your body.

The program is outdated and does not use proper training techniques. It is important to use caution when considering any vertical jump training program and to do your research before starting a program.

There are other programs available, such as Vert Shock, that have been shown to be effective in increasing vertical jump and overall athletic performance.

Exercises Of Air Alert

Air Alert Exercises

There are not that many exercises in this vertical jump program, which is one of its many downfalls.

There are 6 different exercises in total, all of which are body-weight exercises.

I like this approach of using plyometrics because it means that no extra weights or access to a weight room are needed.

The videos that demonstrate the exercises remind me of an old ’90s commercial but nonetheless, they are easy to follow.

These 6 exercises are as follows:

  1. Leap Ups
  2. Calf Raises
  3. Step-Ups
  4. Thrust Ups
  5. Burn Outs
  6. Squat Hops

You will do these exercises throughout the 15 weeks jump program.

Each week you will continuously increase the reps of your workouts…

By week 15 you will do 2,600 jumps per workout.

This is an outrageous amount of reps compared to more up-to-date vertical training programs.

By doing this many workouts, you are inviting injury.

If you do all these exercises, Air Alert promises to increase your vertical by 8 to 14 inches and improve running speed by 0.2-0.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

I know many athletes that I have tried Air Alert, and not one of them came close to these results.

Air Alert exercises are based on a principle called Habitual Jump Training…

This type of training is a method that teaches athletes to jump naturally by habituating the leg muscles through a series of jump training techniques.

Kangaroo Effect

Also, this type of training is called the “Kangaroo Effect” which makes jumping more natural and instinctual like Kangaroos…

This is produced by behavioral patterns that allow you to jump higher with less effort because of repetition.

That sounds good, right?


Air Alert is missing core components of jump training, which are…

  1. Core exercises
  2. Diet
  3. Stretching
  4. Based on scientific results

These core components are offered in the top vertical jump programs like Vert Shock and Jump Manual…

If you want to check out my comparison of the two programs, you can click here

What Is Air Alert Price?

Air Alert is one of the cheapest jump programs out there…

The program will cost you $12 USD with a $4 USD shipping…

Totaling the training at $16 USD is cheap compared to other programs, and with Air Alert, you will receive the Court Controller Basketball Dribbling Mask for free.

But be wary of the price even though it is cheap, just remember, “you get what you pay for.”

The recommendation that I can give is to save some extra money and get Vert Shock…

It is only $67 USD; you get much more value for your money, and you will get results.

Also, Vert Shock gives $330 USD worth of extra bonuses that have value; these bonuses will increase your vertical in no time.

Pros of Air Alert

1. Cheap Cost

The vertical training program is only $16 USD, and you get Court Controller Basketball Dribbling Mask with the purchase. If you are on a budget, this still isn’t the Jump program for you.

BoingVert cost $17 USD and is 10 times better, but to get the best results, I suggest saving up to purchase Vert Shock because it is a vertical training program that is 1000 times better than BoingVert and Air Alert.

“Remember, cheaper is not always better.”

2. Excellent Cardio Workout

Air Alert may not be the best vertical jump program out there, but the number of jumping exercises that you do will definitely improve your endurance.

Just note that vertical training of Air Alert is not backed by any scientific evidence.

Cons of Air Alert

1. Dangerous

There can be a risk for any vertical training program, and there is no difference when it comes to Air Alert…

But with Air Alert, there is no scientific evidence that supports the Air Alert training structure, which opens the door for injury even more, and some of these can lead to or cause career-ending injuries.

You will most likely end up with shin splints or jumpers’ knees, but more seriously, you can end up with joint injuries or serious ligament issues that can inhibit the best players…

For young players, this can hurt their training momentum, while for experienced athletes, this can give them an injury they may not come back 100% from.

2. Can Not Use In-Season

Due to the Air Alert jump program being 15 weeks long with an intense jumping workload, it is advised you do not complete this vertical training while in-season.

The number of reps for each workout can add up pretty quickly, and before you know it, you will not be able to recover for the next workout.

Now, if you try to add in-season games, practices, and other training, you have a recipe that will invite injuries.

3. Can’t Compare To New Programs

Created back in 1991, Air Alert was the only option for athletes who wanted to dunk…

Today there are programs like Vert Shock that have a proven scientific approach to increasing your vertical…

These programs may be more expensive, but with the extra cash that you spend, you will make it back on time and results 100 times.

Free Gift When Purchasing Air Alert
Court Controller Basketball Dribbling Mask

4. Outdated

Air Alert lacks everything that a vertical training program should be…

The presentation is clearly outdated from the PDF of exercises to the 90’s commercial exercise videos.

Making this decade behind jump programs like Jump Manual and Vert Shock.

Newer programs offer value in the free bonuses that you get with their programs Vert Shock gives you $330 worth of free bonuses

These bonuses include a diet plan, jump technique training, NBA jump secretes and more.

And with Air Alert, the only thing you get is a cheap Court Controller Basketball Dribbling Mask that doesn’t give any results.

5. Lack Of Results

Many athletes have tried Air Alert, and many athletes’ results came up short to the point of no results at all.

There is no scientific evidence behind the approach of Air Alert, which can be the cause of why there is lack of results.

The fact is that there are vertical training programs that get proven results in less time than Air Alert, so there is no reason to waste time on this program that will not get you closer to your vertical jumping goals.

Air Alert Review Conclusion

Air Alert has many downfalls and these downfalls can lead to injury while providing no results.

The lack of scientific evidence of their approach and lack of value makes this program not even worth the money you pay.

Air Alert might have been good back in 1991 when it was the only jump program on the market but now with more modern vertical training programs on the market that guarantee results…

Air Alert should not even be on the list of possible jump training programs you would consider buying.

But what are the alternative jump training programs that will help you reach your goals?

Let’s take a look…

Air Alert Alternatives

1. Vert Shock

Air Alert Alternatives

Vert Shock is a 12-week vertical jump program that uses plyometrics to increase your vertical by 9-15 inches…

These results have been proven time and time again by athletes of all levels.

Adam Folker, a Professional strength and conditioning certified trainer, created the Vert Shock jump program…

He was a D1 basket player for the University of California, and from there, he went on to play professional basketball in Europe.

Adam also had help from Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, who has a 501” inch vertical himself.

Vert Shock is proven to give results for players of all ages and athletic abilities…

If you want to check out my personal results, you can here

A hint I was able to increase my vertical by 11” inches.

VertShock Banner 3

Vert Shock is considered the #1 vertical training program because it is backed by a proven scientific formula, and the creator is a certified trainer and knows what it takes to increase your vertical.

The structure is easy, safe, and, most importantly, guarantees results.

2. Jump Manual

Air Alert Alternatives

Jump manual is a vertical training program for more experienced athletes…

I only say this because to get the most out of this jump program, you need access to a weight room…

Strength training with weights is a strong focus of this jump training program.

Just be warned that with the use of weights, there is an increased risk of injury.

Jacob Hiller is responsible for the creation of the Jump Manual.

Hiller has trained athletes of all levels from high school to professional in over 65+ countries…

He has a vertical of 40” and has been a vertical jump and quickness trainer for over 10 years.

Jump Manual also gives some excellent bonuses, like a diet plan and personalized coaching.

I did a review of the Jump Manual that you can check out here

This jump program promises that it will improve your vertical by at least 10” inches…

And I can say that Jump Manual delivers on this promise.



AirAlert is far from the best vertical jump program. You need to be careful because there is a high risk of injury when it comes to this jump program. With that being said some training is better than no training but you are better off going with the Vert Shock jump program than AirAlert.


In short answers yes, the number of jumps you do in this program will probably end up with jumpers knees or shin splints. With AirAlert you even are at risk for serious ligament injuries.


YES!! I can not stress this enough. AirAlert can lead to serious injury. I can’t blame the program because it was the best at the time of its release with the dinosaurs but, today we have safe vertical jump programs like Vert Shock and Jump Manual that give amazing results.